Friday, July 8, 2022


The Holiday came and went.  There are folks all over the country taking down their fireworks stands after a BUSY holiday weekend.  There is a greater liberty, however, that is available all year 'round!  Do YOU possess it?

After the festivities are done...
after all the fireworks and fun...
we spend time on the deck and Christ appears!
He has spent the day with us and cheers!
Not only is He hallowed and revered,
He is One with us and wants to join us here!
It is He Who gives freedom to enjoy!
As, His ways, throughout the day, do we employ!
For if it were not for the liberty He gives,
a so much different life each person lives.
And THAT is proven each and every day
as we press on, upon the Narrow Way!

Yes, the fireworks and fanfare may be gone,
but Jesus Christ the Lord goes on and on!
He will escort us through eternity;
and trust me, by His side you'll want to be!
True Paradise awaits His very own,
them that have, His Blood and new life, known!
Be with us in that time, won't you, my friend?
For at the Trumpet Blast will you ascend!
IF, born again in Jesus Christ, you are.
Call on His Name and He'll NEVER be afar!

New life in Jesus Christ!  Free life in America!  Two 'things' that we must NEVER take for granted!  One must be protected and secured, the other is guaranteed IF you are born-again!

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