Sunday, July 31, 2022

Sunday Break!

Sunday afternoon.  So many things to be thankful for!  AND TIME TO ENJOY THEM!  Make sure YOUR life is not so packed and involved that you cannot find such time!

Finally, a break from heat
with some much-needed rain!
The fragrances the breeze to carry-
anything but 'plain!'
A perfect day to get outside
and get some duties done
in between the precious rains
and the scorching sun!

The lawns could use attention while
I have some precious time.
The squirrels--they remind me of
their feeders as they climb!
The birds--they sing their hints to me
so they'll not be forgotten.
It's been over a week since they,
fresh bird seed, have gotten!
They sing their sweet excitement as
they see me walk around,
knowing I will get to them
after I groom the ground.
Are they trained?  Are they spoiled?
Depends on who you ask!
But this I know: just caring for them
is a joyful task!
And beneficial--as they 
entertain me all the day!
Their song, their beauty and their antics-
always on display!

A break from work...a break from weather--
truly, we are blessed!
All gratitude to God Most High,
His blessings are the best!

Yes, we are so blessed.  I say that to glorify God, not to gloat or boast, because I know that there are folks in other parts of the country and the world that are suffering from weather-related events.  We pray for them.  Asking for God, in His mercy, to intervene!  HE IS ABLE!

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Paradise Promise!

Day is done. We did the best we could with the people we had, and they did great!  Now, however, it is time to relax and contemplate much higher things...

Early in the evening,

Heaven is on my mind!
That Perfect Place with only great
and awesome things to find!
All that God's created that's
too great to fathom yet!
An eternity to spend
but everyone MAY get!
For God and Jesus, they will be there,
Holy Spirit, too,
to spend those perfect times with us
where EVERYTHING is new!
Only 'good' is present there,
no sickness or disease;
but Christ must dwell inside your heart NOW
to so partake of these!

Oh, Heaven on my heart again.
'We long, so long to be with You!'
We cry with one accord!
We love You and we worship You!
For You are all-in-all!
And we are blessed, so very blessed
to heed Your Holy Call!"

Ah, yes, Heaven is in my heart!  And such drives me to press on in this temporary life, sharing His love and telling as many as I can about the saving Blood of Jesus!  HE IS WORTHY!!

Friday, July 29, 2022


The start of another day.  One more gift from God Most High to go out and make a difference!  How will YOU spend the time?

 As sunlight once more sets the leaves aglow,
a very gentle breeze begins to blow;
it combs the rolling hills and makes them sway-
it is a sight to see this far away!
A sight to start the morning for this man.
I take it in as much as this man can,
and glorify the Maker of it all
before this time goes to where none may call!

Our fellowship upon this perfect day
will carry and sustain me all the way.
He knew exactly what this man requires
for the coming needs and the desires.
And greater, for the needs upon this day
of all the precious guests who come my way.
I KNOW that they will have a need or two,
and THEY'RE aware of Who I bring them to!
For I will take them to my Risen Lord
in Whom I am repaired and I'm restored!
Jesus Christ--He is the greatest therapeutic ever;
and none be there, this precious time, to sever!
So necessary in the world that we are--
Jesus Christ...He NEVER is afar!!

Whoever you are, wherever you are, YOU can be a light and representative of Jesus Christ.  When You are it is amazing the ways that He uses you to minister!
Are YOU open to such use?  There is NOTHING quite as rewarding!


Thursday, July 28, 2022

God is STILL good!

THERE IS STILL GOOD!  You won't hear much of it on the daily news, but it does exist!  The news will mostly tell you things that bring ratings, BUT GOD has the Good News!  Pay attention to HIM!

When the tumult of the day seems overtaking,
when it seems you do your best to no avail,
when you seem to work so hard and make no headway,
and the honor for such labors seem to fail,
know this: for God Himself is taking notice
and keeping track of all your steadfast deeds!
He will recompense you in time coming
as long as one, to selfishness, not heeds!

Yea, the world, it shows no signs of slowing down.
And the results of such are devastating!
BUT GOD provides a balance that is true,
and not just for the faithful congregating!
Wherever you are, just bow your heart to Him.
Be sincere, and He will see that you are spared!
He will prosper you and see to your advancement,
and give to you a vision that's not impaired!
Too, He will bless you with a perfect solace
in a world that is so busy, lacking peace!
Unto Him you can give your every trial,
and, all your cares and discontents, release!

Yes, God--He is the Answer to all problems!
He is the Key to EVERY door in life!
Be born again and give Him residence in YOUR heart,
and He will escort you through each joy and strife!

God is the Answer, my friend.  You've heard myself and others say it many times, and we will continue to say it or write about it until we hear The Trumpet and see Him split the skies!


Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Intentional Time

How amazing and special is that time that is set aside to spend with God!  It can be done at any time of day, just make sure it is something that you do not miss.  For there is ALWAYS a blessing awaiting in such!

How wondrous be the mighty trees,
(in spite of lack of rain!)
The shades of green amongst them, they
be anything but 'plain!'
Each variety would be clothed,
the wardrobe oh so vast;
a different shade of but green but
anywhere the eye is cast!
And the lives upon the wing-
they differ so as well,
as does the song that they recite
(as any ear can tell!)
They sing of how Almighty God
would feed them and protect!
And this poet would agree in full
as I would so reflect!
For He has made THIS man to thrive
for, lo, these many years.
Since getting saved so long ago
I've not been in arrears!
Thriving, not 'surviving,' like
so many that I know;
and, opening up His Living Word
only helps this man to grow!

Visitation and devotion
out here in the yard.
His Living Word and His creation
from which I'll not be barred!

Work takes time.  Play takes time.  Daily happenings take time.  Life, itself, takes time!  But time with God must be intentional and set aside from all else, and NOTHING will stop this man from savoring it each day!


Tuesday, July 26, 2022

'Attitudes' Again!

 A few days ago, I wrote about 'Necessary People.'  Being in a position where I see hundreds of folks each and every day, and work with a few dozen, you realize really quick the ones who are 'real' and the ones who 'just show up for a paycheck.'
Regardless, I treat them with the kindness of Christ, KNOWING that He will deal with them!

How simple is it for certain folks
to 'just put on a front!'
All the while, the folks around them,
they must bear the brunt!
Why can't we just be 'genuine'
with all who come our way?
'To get ahead' would seem to be
the order of the day!
Who cares if it may hurt someone
to get things done 'our way!'
'As long as it makes me look good,
who cares what others say?!'

Well, there is One Who sees all things,
and He keeps track of all.
And, should we don said attitude,
then, certainly, we'll fall!
It may not be immediate,
we may not see it come;
but restitution is assured,
and wretched be its sum!

So be ye kind to one another,
look for each other's 'good!'
Care deeply for each other's needs,
just like our Jesus would!
For he did not promote Himself,
God took care of such!
Have a servant's heart and always
be there with caring touch!

Yes, I see hundreds of folks each day.  Most of them are genuinely good people, caring and loving.  Then there are those who will do anything to get ahead or get their own way.  Life does NOT have to be that way!

Monday, July 25, 2022

Early Entertainment

Before work this morning, it was FINALLY cool enough to sit out on the back deck with my coffee!  The Lord, the birds and the squirrels joined me and we had a wonderful time!

Summertime and early,
before the heat arrives.
Beholding all the early creatures
and chuckling at their lives!
Across the yard, the many squirrels,
'round and 'round the rocks they run,
(for they provide unending joy
as they produce their fun;)
back and and there...
then up the towering trees
that sway so gently in the very
welcome morning breeze!
The breeze so unexpected,
refreshing and so cool,
it even causes ripples on
the top of yonder pool!

Summertime and early, there are
warnings everywhere!
The frail must stay in all day
lest their health impair!
With fires raging 'round the world
and rain chance out-of-sight,
to sit outside on a morning cool
is truly a delight!
And God, He sits here with me as
I sip my coffee slow.
We discuss the coming day--
what to do, where to go.
It is a dialogue of great
importance to this man;
and I do all He says to me-
He has THE Perfect Plan!

Yes, we finally have a morning that is cool enough to sit outside and enjoy!  It has been weeks and weeks in coming, and it is so welcome and refreshing!  It is a wonderful way to start out the day!


Saturday, July 23, 2022

Necessary People!

A busy day once again, out in a world whose theme seems to be 'ME! ME! ME!'  They are not looking for God...but that's exactly what they need!  And it is up to them that are obedient unto His Call to minister to them.  Are YOU one of them?

Not ever is there any time
that You are not with me.
Everything that comes my way, Lord,
You already see.
Already have You solution for
what rises in this life;
therefore, can we avoid the stress,
and headache of the strife!

You know all that will happen,
You know what shall be done.
With Your assurance, Lord, I have
no cause to turn and run!
You know my body--You crafted it
with Your very hand;
thus, against whatever rises,
I can firmly stand.
You know the disappointments, and
You promise to repay;
for You are my security, Lord,
each and every day!
And You are our security
so far beyond this place;
the same, for it be guaranteed
by Your amazing Grace!

So, Lord, help me be all I can be
here in this fleeting place.
As needy so are many others
of Your abounding grace!
And I, I be a conduit
of all the good that's YOU!
Thus, I avail myself once more
to do all I can do!

You that know God and have Jesus in your heart, be available at all times, in all places, to share The Truth in whichever way He calls.  That includes a plethora of ways...far too many for a mere poet to make a list of!


We are living in a 'needy' world.  Especially in the days that are!  Are YOU aware of those needs, or are you too consumed with getting all you can for yourself?

What does my brother need today?

What could he have for lack?
I do not want to sit this evening
and be looking back
wishing that I had given him
what I have abundance of!
Though each of us lack something, we
are still, still called to 'love!'
What he needs may be minor and
may matter not to some,
however, at THIS moment, 'that'
will so complete his sum!
And there be no limit to the 'need'
of which this world contains;
but ministering to my brother
will cause us both great gains!

Every one of us has something
that somebody needs;
but all the richer be that person
that, the requirement, heeds!
God Most High will be The One
to see that you're repaid!
So go ahead, see to it that
someone else's day is made!

Looking for someone needy?  You don't have to look very far!  They are all around you!  Yes, EVERYONE is in need of SOMETHING.  The only question is: Will your pride allow you to meet that need?

Friday, July 22, 2022

Perfect Life Awaits!

There is so much more to 'living' than just this life!  All of God's Word points to it, and it is the culmination of living for all them that have Jesus Christ in their hearts!  Are YOU one of them?

Beyond the life that we have come to know

there is a very perfect ebb-and-floe!
It's the tide of life up there in Beulah Land,
and Jesus Christ is there in firm command!
He will welcome each and all of us as we arrive,
and we will have reason to no longer strive!
For all things will be back in order in That Place,
and governed by our Lord--the King of Grace!
Al things there will be stellar most, as well;
and one thing will be repeated: 'IT IS WELL!'
And we all have encouragement where we go;
oh, but it will not be 'labor' as we know!
For everybody will be in one accord,
accomplishing and enjoying with the Lord!

Yes, beyond this life that we have come to know,
desire we so desperately to go!
We'll be with Father, Son and Holy Ghost,
and those acquaintances that we love most!
Forever celebrating Christ, the Lord,
Whose very life so freely did afford!
'COME QUICKLY!' do our hearts cry out and pray
for that life that is forever and a day!!

Yes, we long, so long to occupy That Place which He has reserved for them that belong to Him!  I know not when.  No mortal man knows!  But this I do know, we are one day closer than we were yesterday!

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Forever with Us!

A lot of folks worry and wonder IF God will show up or intervene in a situation.  Truth is, God is already there!  Sure, bad things happen.  Sure, good things happen.  "It rains on the just and the unjust alike," says His Word.  However, those who belong to Him and serve Him have His comfort and assurance through it all.  It comes as we give our hearts to Him and seek His face daily!

Seeking presence with my Lord--

that time so very key.
But this I know with all my heart:
He is right here with me!
Already does He know the sum
and contents of the day,
therefore, can I relax and be
victorious on the way!
Whatever should arise, He is
already well aware;
and He already knows my steps
as I am in His care!
For He ordained and ordered each
of them so long ago;
therefore, into HIS victory,
but daily we can go!

My Father, oh so generous
with living at all times;
and He expects but each man
help his brother as he climbs!
For great is your reward if you
but follow His sure lead;
but, first, that intimacy with Him
must you always heed!

Time so valuable before you step out into daily life.  It starts by calling His Name in praise and worship!  He already knows the needs you are going to bring to Him, He only wants to know that such is not the only thing you want Him around for!

Tuesday, July 19, 2022


So grateful am I for a Lord and Savior Who is 'dramatic,' without the 'drama' that daily life can produce!  He is so high and above such, and we can cling to Him and His character, which never flails or falters...

"Oh Lord, You are so very good,
so good to such as we!
Regardless of the ups-and-downs that,
in this life, shall be,
You remain the same, unchanging,
dependable always!
Therefore, You receive our accolades
and never-ending praise!
You are far above 'emotions' that
sometimes get in our way;
You fully understand our own,
and love us anyway!
Your favor and Your grace, they are not
based on 'whim' or 'feeling;'
and Lord, You do not go about,
your 'attitude,' concealing!
You are the same yesterday,
today, forevermore,
we can DEPEND upon You
and Your ways therefore!

Why can WE not be the same way
with each other HERE?
We are created in Your image,
that is so very clear!
Yet 'attitude' and 'emotion'
seem to lead our ways...
Oh, that we could just 'be ourselves'
here in these latter days!
WE KNOW what's best for one another,
yet, Lord, would we 'connive;'
oh make us to, at YOUR set 'level,'
make us to arrive!"

Yes, there is so much game-playing and emotional conspiracies going on...when the same be so unnecessary!  You be you, I'll be me and, together, we CAN get along and STILL arrive at the same conclusion and accomplish the same goal!  TRY IT!


Floating ever so slowly with the current of the river.  God's incredible handiwork anywhere you cast your eyes.  I'm catching more casting my eyes than I am casting this fishing line!  Oh, but that's not the main focus...

Once again, meandering

with currents oh so faint
upon a raft, upon the Norfork,
God to gently paint!
So very quiet was the weekend,
(and so necessary!)
The fishes and the birds, however,
well, they are contrary!
The song of birds is constant as
we slowly drift along.
We marvel at their voices and
varieties of song!
And the variety of fishes
jumping all about!
(If only they were hungry and
would find our tackle out!)

Such be secondary as
creation we behold--
the salt-and-pepper sky, the breeze,
the currents--faint and bold!
And the Presence of the Lord-
His handprint everywhere!
Just open up your eyes--for His
great evidence is there!

This beautiful river--so refreshing after all the heat we have endured!  I certainly hope YOU can find such a refreshing place where you are.  It is a NECESSARY escape!

Monday, July 18, 2022


Being where I am, doing what I do, I have opportune to behold, on a daily basis, the way folks treat one another.  Some will bend over backwards for you...even if they have never seen you before! Others, however, could care less about you, and are only where they are to collect a paycheck!

What if every one of us
would love each other more?
What would 'traffic' look like then?
Or entering a store?
What if we treated a 'customer'
as if they were a 'friend?'
What if we genuinely cared--
how would transactions end?

Or, closer, what if 'families'
checked in on one another?
Instead of 'What can I obtain
from a sister brother?'
Would it not be a better place?
Would more participate?
Would businesses not have more sales
over which to celebrate?
And would there not be less stress and trauma
just by leaving home
to go to do the things we do,
here and there to roam?

Questions deep--demanding
introspection of the 'self,'
lest 'empathy' be cast aside
and put upon some shelf!
Understanding and compassion
endangered be already.
We must have Christ to right our paths
that now seem so unsteady!

Reflect upon YOUR day.  Was/is there anything you could have done to affect life in a more POSITIVE way?  Perhaps you have tomorrow to correct that.  Hmm...

Sunday, July 17, 2022


Oh the day is so glorious!  Summer is at its peak, so all the trees are green...the deer are grazing...and every kind of bird around is singing!  However, there is something greater....

Beyond the beauty of the sights

surrounding this man now...
much greater than the blessings that
find their way to me somehow...
far more than the fine possessions
with which I am blessed
is the fact that God sits here with me--
it is a time most-blessed!
He addresses all that's on my heart
as we talk face-to-face;
He touches everywhere I hurt
and heals me by His grace!
I look into his loving face
as we there converse,
no subject is untouchable
in all the universe!!

How precious is the fellowship
I have with my sweet Lord!
It is of so much worth, there is
no man that could afford!
Yet He avails Himself so freely
when I call His Name!
And it is a relationship

Again, so priceless is the time
and Presence of the Lord!
There is no other blest event
all history to record
than ANY moments with His Glory,
save that blest land ahead
beyond the massive billows unto
which His Own are led!

Time in the Presence of Jesus.  Wonderful!  And so welcome, given the speed at which life is happening!  Never take such moments for granted.  For in participating, we are re-fueled to press on!

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Evening Comes

Ahhh...the holiness of eventide.  I sense Him as I go out in the yard and call upon His Name.  It has been quite busy, and I am only now able to set aside this wonderful time to be with Him!

In the sanctity of evening light

I watch the stars emerge;
it's much better out here than earlier
when thermometers did surge!
The birds are even singing yet
as darkness comes to be;
and I'm blessed with the Presence of
God of eternity!!
We have been discussing all
that happened in the day.
He wants to hear mine each detail
and all I have to say!
He listens and advises me
on each and all events;
advice that makes me wiser or,
one more mistake, prevents!
And grateful is this man for the
rapport that we have grown!
His wisdom and His ways, into
my heart, He's freely sown!
Wisdom that so guides me in
the challenge of each day;
wisdom that so helps THIS man
help someone on the way!

And now, He treats me to a show
truly 'out of this world,'
as, the stars and planets, ever
slowly, are unfurled!
It is reward for doing all
that I can for His good.
And He does so for EVERYONE
who lives life as they should!

Whoever you are, wherever you are, do what you do for the glory of God and He will surely reward this life or the next.  HE IS SO FAITHFUL!

Friday, July 15, 2022

Jewish Carpenter

There is a person I know.  This world knows Him as well.  However, not everyone knows Him PERSONALLY!  To some, He's just a ritual.  To others, He is an expletive.  But to them that know Him best, HE IS LIFE--abundant and eternal!!

I know a Jewish Carpenter-
He knows me well, indeed!
He visits me throughout the day
to love and intercede.
The trials and the struggles that
are common in this life,
He is so well acquainted with-
every joy and every strife!
And, in those situations that
are greater than this man,
He whispers to my heart 'You got this!
Together, son, We can!'

For in every situation, I have
assurance He is near.
His voice and His appearance, they
may not be always 'clear;'
but His Presence, it is guaranteed,
as He lives in my heart;
and, regardless of the outcome, I know
that He had a part!

Yes, I know a Jewish Carpenter.
For He endured what man could not
so that I could be whole!
He gave His all once and for all,
and He continues such
so that, in every situation,
I could see His touch!

Jesus.  He is all about 'giving!'  And that which He gives is far superior than man can provide!  New life, hope, healing, everlasting joy and eternal life!  Do YOU know That Carpenter?  You can!  Just call His Name and invite Him into your heart to be your Lord and Savior!  You'll NEVER regret it!


Thursday, July 14, 2022


As I travel across the land, I come to a place that stops me in my tracks!  Sure, there be business to take care of a few hours ahead, but it can wait for such a sight as this...

The Rocky Mountains thrill beneath
a salt-and-pepper sky!
Every now and then, the sun
would open up his eye.
The buffalo are grazing freely
almost everywhere,
sharing pasture with the elk,
the deer, the moose, the bear!
And, to behold it all from here
upon this grassy knoll,
makes peace to settle deep inside
the heart and in the soul!
And, in the moment, there be pause
to savor and behold--
scanning the horizon, there be
peaks so high and bold!
Creation that has stood since He
shaped them with His Own Hand--
forming them out of 'nothing'
at His lone command!

Oh, that ALL would make the time
to take this scenery in!
Them that do, but they are the
most fortunate of men!
It is a sight that is availed
but nowhere else on earth...
a sight that is impossible
for to establish 'worth!'

Yes, beyond ANY worth be the glory of His creation!  Mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes and plains that he merely spoke into existence.  Too many are there who take such for granted.  Yet He remains faithful to provide such wonder to them that seek such.  It is certainly my prayer that YOU are one that makes time to appreciate and enjoy such!


Tuesday, July 12, 2022


Whether you like it or not...whether you believe it or not...if you have Jesus in your heart, you are being held in the mighty hands of God!  It is a very secure place, and you can relax...

"There is no better place I know
than, Lord, inside Your palm!
From there do I enjoy protection
and a Perfect Calm!
All of life is happening
around me all the day,
yet, at peace, Lord, every step,
can I securely stay!
For there is no peace like Perfect Peace
availed from You alone!
It is a guarantee I have
where 'guarantees' aren't known!
This world is unpredictable,
we've surely come to know;
oh, but from the Throne above
serenity does flow!
You see the end from the beginning,
you see the life ahead,
and You make sure, upon the
perfect path, Your Own are led!
That path that causes blessings to
come liberally our way!
Lord Jesus, following Your path,
but ever will I stay!"

Join me on That Path, won't you?  I promise you, there is plenty of room for you!  Just ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior and start following HIS lead.  It is the ONLY Way that ends in Paradise!

Train Ride!

Let us take a look at life as if it were a train ride.  There is so much variety, and NEVER is 'the same old, same old...' 

The trains are seldom static in

this life, I've taken note.
They are always going somewhere,
moving people...moving tote.
The Dispatcher knows the cargo and
the route that each will take,
ingredients that, so much simpler,
daily life, to make!

The same it is for people--we are
all on different tracks.
Every journey differs, oh,
but each person may relax!
The Engineer knows what He's doing,
and He has our best in mind.
Trusting Him will get us there
and He won't leave us behind!

Do YOU feel 'railroaded?'  Has
your train jumped off the track?
Contact The Owner of the train
and He will get you back!
He'll right the train that you are on
and stabilize the rail,
and set your destination so
that you, you will not fail!
You'll reach your destination, in spite
of all that life may be.
Enjoy each leg, though, of the trip--
there is still so much to see!

Life's exodus by rail--
so much does it entail!
Don't miss a single mile;
enjoy it all the while!

This trip called 'life' contains so much many very much to be experienced and enjoyed!  Make sure that you have Jesus as your Lord and Savior so that you can have Someone beside you that will NEVER leave!

Monday, July 11, 2022


Why does it seem that, as the days go on, we find more cruel and divisive things to do to one another?  Such should not be, as there are much more precious and beautiful things we could spend our time doing!!

I hold a gift out in my hands
for you to so enjoy;
you throw it right back in my face
and say that I annoy?!

I call to see how you are doing,
I make the call by choice;
and, yet, you hang up the phone
at the sound of my voice!

We made this dinner for you all
and bring it to your place;
you open the door and see it's me
then slam it in my face!!

I asked you not to do something
because it brings me pain,
but you do it when you see me?
Is that for your own gain?!

There is a Perfect Place ahead
where none of this shall be--
should I therefore withdraw from life
until, His face, I see?

The more 'advanced' we get in this life, the more shrewd some become at making sure others do not enjoy such 'advancements.'  Why?!  It seems that some people get a 'thrill' out of seeing how much they can hurt someone else.  GOD HELP US!!  We are here to HELP one another, not see how much we can hurt them!!  LOVE one another!  How many times has God commanded us to do that?

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Life is Beautiful!

Yes, life IS beautiful.  At times, we must strain to see it.  Other times, it is right in front of our faces!  But it is more than 'sight,' more than 'feeling,' and certainly far more than mere 'status!'

All of life is beautiful,
and glorious, as well!
Oh, but there's a Place I know
that's more than 'word' can tell!
My Lord and Savior will be there
in power, rule and might!
And that which He's created will be
far beyond 'delight!'

Yes, there is glory far beyond
what we may comprehend!
His glory and His leadership
will never come to end!
We cling to such assurances
and promises secure--
the same allow us to press on
and help us to endure!

Life is precious...valuable...
enjoy it every day!
It may be painful as you do,
but press on all you may!
A view of that most glorious
is waiting for His Own,
and Jesus will be there to welcome
us around His throne!

NEVER lose hope, my friend!  Regardless what THIS life contains, He will more than make up for it in the life that He has waiting for us!  We are but one day closer to Paradise!


Saturday, July 9, 2022

Why He Blesses

In precious fellowship with Jesus.  MAKING time for Him in the glory of the afternoon!  He made all of this beauty, why not invite Him to join us to enjoy it?  And, while He's here, we talk about His gifts...

Finally, a cooler afternoon!
The sun, it will be setting very soon.
Accomplished be another living day,
all due to The Truth, The Life, The Way!
As we commune out here beneath the trees,
there is a wonderful and gentle breeze!
A most welcome break from the heat that's been!
We dine together as we take it in.
And we discuss the victories of the day--
the favor and the blessings come our way.
They flow so freely from His giving hand,
to be dispensed so at His lone command.
For if I stay in tune with Holy Spirit's flow,
those blessings am I constantly to know!
A truth established oh so long ago,
and living each and every day we know!

Have YOU discovered this Truth so wonderful?
For it liberates and keeps your life so full!
Just listen as you go about Your day.
Avail yourself unto Him on the way.
He will provide so many opportunities
to give and to receive...just like this breeze!
And you will feel so blessed when day is done
because you've affected this life for someone!

There are MANY opportunities to give these days!  There are so many WAYS to give these days and, trust me, there are needy folks out there!  However, you must listen to God to be able to discern where and when.  He WILL answer if you are willing, and YOU WILL BE BLESSED all the more!

Friday, July 8, 2022


The Holiday came and went.  There are folks all over the country taking down their fireworks stands after a BUSY holiday weekend.  There is a greater liberty, however, that is available all year 'round!  Do YOU possess it?

After the festivities are done...
after all the fireworks and fun...
we spend time on the deck and Christ appears!
He has spent the day with us and cheers!
Not only is He hallowed and revered,
He is One with us and wants to join us here!
It is He Who gives freedom to enjoy!
As, His ways, throughout the day, do we employ!
For if it were not for the liberty He gives,
a so much different life each person lives.
And THAT is proven each and every day
as we press on, upon the Narrow Way!

Yes, the fireworks and fanfare may be gone,
but Jesus Christ the Lord goes on and on!
He will escort us through eternity;
and trust me, by His side you'll want to be!
True Paradise awaits His very own,
them that have, His Blood and new life, known!
Be with us in that time, won't you, my friend?
For at the Trumpet Blast will you ascend!
IF, born again in Jesus Christ, you are.
Call on His Name and He'll NEVER be afar!

New life in Jesus Christ!  Free life in America!  Two 'things' that we must NEVER take for granted!  One must be protected and secured, the other is guaranteed IF you are born-again!

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Future Dwellings

Have you ever considered your future?  Where will it be spent?  Who will be your leader?  You can settle all that right now, you know?

In castles He's constructed
with His mighty hand
we shall live eternally
across all Heaven's land!
Hills and vales more beautiful
than anyone's words know
are waiting for the faithful, having
Jesus' Blood to flow!
And, in that life awaiting is
perfection everywhere!
No more conflict or issues will
be waiting for us there!
My Father has made sure that only
'good' is in that life,
no more sickness or disease,
no struggles and no strife!

Perfection waits in Paradise
for His Own to enjoy!
Scenery like we've not seen,
and nothing to annoy!
The 'regulations' and the 'rules'
that this life has amassed,
in His Presence, in that Place,
will all be in the 'past!'

Eternity with Jesus Christ
and all who so belong--
Oh, dream of just how glorious
will be that final song!!

You can hear notes of it even now!  IT'S THAT CLOSE!  Make sure that YOU are part of it by making Jesus Christ your Saviour!  His arms are still open, and His mercy and grace ever suffice!


Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Two Liberties

I had a day off from work today.   I also had a doctor appointment.  We got checked in and I noticed in the center of the 'waiting room' was a Christmas Tree!  IN JULY?!  Upon further glance, I realized it was decorated with red, white and blue stars and ornaments.  How significant: celebrating two freedoms at once...

Inside a busy office,
all doing what they do.
A 'Christmas Tree' is set up,
adorned red, white and blue!
In the middle of the summer,
seeing such a tree
is startling for just a moment,
but wonderful to see!
Two freedoms would it symbolize
as it is standing tall:
the liberty that Jesus Christ
provides to one and all,
and the freedom of the country
to which I belong!
It conjures deep a medley of
such free and sacred song!

And I am caused to smile as
I contemplate it there.
I think of those who fought for freedom
here and anywhere!
And I think of Him Who bought my freedom
with His very blood!
And, at such thought, the tears well up
and, for a moment, flood!

America and Jesus Christ--
two powers in my life!
The Word of God come as a Man-
the very sharpest knife!
Escorting me throughout the day
here in this precious land,
holding me securely so
inside His mighty hand!

WOW!  The emotions and words that flowed as I merely waited to see a doctor!  I wasn't expecting that but, then again, such is the way that He moves about our lives.
We are so blessed to be Americans!

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

July 4th

I know, it's July 5th, but no one has ever accused me of ALWAYS being on time!  Besides, 'Independence' is something to celebrate EVERY DAY!

Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!
Free at last!  Free at last!
O celebrate as they have done
for so many decades past!
A nation is established 'midst
all pomp and circumstance!
We may have a way to go but, hey,
let's do it with song and dance!!

If we can all agree upon
some fireworks and swill,
then, surely, there no issue be
beyond our reach and will!
Some gave much to see that day,
just as some took some, too--
such process cannot be above 
or below Red, White and Blue!

All 'politics' aside for now,
it's time to celebrate!
For God has made a nation rise
through men, both small and great!
Great exploits by some, while be
great sacrifice by others,
and through it all, we call ourselves

So, raise a glass to one another
on this Freedom Day!
And raise your arms to Jesus Christ,
to whom we boldly pray!
To Him alone must each surrender
before we reach the end.
For HE will seal our future in
a land where ALL be 'friend!'

YES, INDEPENDENCE IS SO WORTHY OF CELEBRATION!!  Independence Day, of course, but also the freedom that Jesus Christ provided and avails to any and all who call upon His Name!

Monday, July 4, 2022


Early in the evening.  We FINALLY got some much-needed rain a few hours ago!  Such cooled it down a bit, and now I sit out here with the woman I love as we look all about at God's glorious creation...

A gentle whisper lingers from 
the storm that was ago;
it causes leaves to rustle and
brings fragrances we know;
the birds and squirrels come back out
and dine around my land,
they sing and chatter as they play...
oh, if ALL could understand!

That storm is still off in the distance
as it moves away,
as she and I discuss the details
of this busy day.
The hours came and went, and we
succeeded yet once more;
for that, and all that I have said,
I have God to thank for!
For He's been with me all the day,
through all the ups-and-downs,
helping this man to help others
find smiles instead of frowns!
And, as He paints the evening sky,
we smile yet once more
knowing just how blessed we are,
amidst life's metaphor!

"Thank You, Father, for this evening
You have made by hand!
We see You, oh, so very clearly,
out across the land!
And we see You in each other in
this priceless time, we do--
she is a very precious gift
straight from the hand of You!"

Ah, yes, spending a quiet evening out on the deck with my wife...and Jesus!  The more time we invest in each other, the more special time becomes!  Enjoy God.  Enjoy His grand creation.  And, certainly, enjoy one another for as long as you can!

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Sunday Sanctuary

Yes, 'Sunday Sanctuary.'  Is it always a 'building?'  Is it always on Sunday?  Is it always 'inside?'  Aah, but I have found it to be in many places.  How about you?

Sunday sanctuary--
the holy music plays...
Holy Spirit flowing freely
through the wondrous praise!
People getting right with God
while others get more strong...
people meeting Jesus Christ--
it is a vibrant song!

That Sunday sanctuary--in
a 'church' most anywhere;
no 'agenda' or 'quota' be,
just honest, loving care!
'The Gospel' in simplicity:
loving one another;
learning what it truly means
to be 'sister' or 'brother!'

'Sunday Sanctuary' could mean
walking down the street
and making sure one has enough
to eat,
or making sure one has a place
to feel 'safe' or 'belong!'
'Sunday Sanctuary' be
the greatest piece of song!!

Sunday Sanctuary--
it flows so beautifully;
for it requires the 'best' in us
for it to truly be!

Enjoy Sunday, my friend, WHEREVER you find that precious 'sanctuary!'  God is there, and Jesus is waiting to welcome you and be what YOU need Him to be!  Don't let ANYTHING hold you back from enjoying Him!

Saturday, July 2, 2022

So...THIS is 'Progress?!'

The ways of the world in the days that are.  Hmmm...  I can't even instruct you or direct you without fear of "abusing your rights!"  WHAT HAPPENED?!

So very many people,

all going different ways;
"we can't deter them or distract them!"
so say these final days!
"'I know what is best for me,'
that's how I'll live my life!
Who cares if it's against God's Word
or brings my neighbor strife!"

So very many people...
The Golden Rule has disappeared,
and 'order' has gone astray!
'Get as much as you can get
regardless how you get it!'
'To treat as you would be treated?'
you might as well forget it!

The sense of 'right' and 'wrong' unto
each man did God impart.
Implanted in each heart that we,
from His ways, not depart.
It seems some have turned off that sense
so they can go their way;
BUT GOD, He will inquire such
when we face Him That Day!

So very many people--
the same rules yet apply.
And we must answer for each action
there beyond the sky!
Will YOU hesitate at all
when YOU stand heart-to-heart?
Your very soul, it knows that answer
before you even start!

For some, that involves some soul-searching.  For others, it is blatantly obvious!  However, it is a place that every one of us will stand when God says it's time.  Live with integrity, my friend.  That way, you will have no THIS life or the NEXT!

Friday, July 1, 2022

This morning tonight!

Too often, it seems, I get things kinda backwards!  God will give me several words in the morning, and I won't have an opportunity to assembly and post them until late at night.  Such it is once again...

Morning dawns across the hills
that house the mighty lake.
Stillness be yet absent, though,
as witnessed by the wake!
It gently blows across the deck
that overlooks it all;
Jesus--He has joined me here
as I've obeyed His Call.
We fellowship this morning before
day can have effect.
So that, upon all that He says,
I'm able to reflect.
I know what's waiting later when
I enter in the fray--
that makes so much more valuable
this precious time of day!

I have questions, He has answers
that I need to hear
to minister to others and
alleviate THEIR fear.
It may be simple but, to one,
it may be so profound!
It may be gentle but, to one,
it be the perfect sound.
And we talk about the birds, the deer,
the trees, the cloud, the lake...
all before that daily trip
down into town I make.

Oh...priceless time that cannot be obtained any other way!  It only comes as I set aside part of my day to be with Him!  And He is ALWAYS faithful to show up!