Saturday, June 4, 2022

Wrong Number?

My phone said it was, BUT GOD said otherwise!  I was doing some things in the backyard this afternoon.  When I got back up on the deck, my phone said I had a missed call from Louisiana.  The # and town were unknown to me, so I called it back...

A voice upon a telephone,
an unfamiliar voice.
I could have just deleted it,
but I made another choice.
She said 'someone gave her my number
because they know I pray...'
and so began an outreach I'll
remember past today!

Holy Spirit has ways and means
far greater than our own.
What this woman needs already
unto Him is known!
But He knew she had to talk with someone
that would also pray...
Will YOU be that available
at any time of day?
Not always is HIS movement based
upon the hours we know.
And sometimes, it's a total stranger
that needs to share their woe!
The Called, they must be flexible
to be of any good.
Had I not called that number back,
I'd miss the blessing good!

'Ministry' has so many ways
to manifest itself.
If we're not open to that, we might as well
be put on a shelf!
But "Shirley" now has someone praying,
and she KNOWS she's not alone,
because somebody faithful called
a number that's 'unknown!'

Be there for others...whether you know them or not!  For there are too many folks out there who 'feel' they have no one.  Today, one of them found out otherwise.

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