Saturday, June 18, 2022

When There's Nothing Else...

...that's USUALLY when folks turn to God!  But such is not really necessary, as God is already there and always has been!  So why then is it that some only ask for His help when they have tried everything else?!

"Oh God, my God, I turn to You-
the going is getting rough!
I know that I am supposed to be
the anchor, rough and tough!

But I would rather share ALL things with You-
the good, the bad, the rest...
knowing that, whatever happens, 
by YOU I will be blessed!

I hear so many say they only
call You when things go wrong,
as if You are too busy to
be with us all along!
But I KNOW that You would love to be
included in our all!
Therefore, my Lord, into ALL life,
Your Presence would I call!
For You were there before I was
and You know what will be;
and so, my Lord, in ALL of life,
please stay right here by me!

In tragedy or triumph,
You change, Lord, not at all!
And, to get You by my side,
I don't even have to call!
You are so present everywhere
at any time at all!
So very blessed is this man that
he answered to Your Call!"

And don't wait for 'disaster' or 'tragedy' to talk to Him!  Jesus wants to be in constant conversation with you--EVEN YOU!  That's how much He loves us!  Include His Presence in all that you do.  He DESIRES you!

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