Wednesday, June 8, 2022

We Will See Him Soon!!

Sun is beautiful!  Another day is passed.  This day was as diverse as each one of us...all while being the same as the one before.  However, there is a day approaching that will be like no other, and life beyond that day will be 'out-of-this-world!'

O we will see our risen King,

yes, soon and very soon,
in a place where time is not-
no morning, night or noon!
Christ will be enthroned on high there,
not to abdicate!
And we will age no longer there!
My friends, won't it be great?!

Disputes and confrontations, they
will all be in the past!
Even long-forgotten, as
perfection be amassed!
All the 'good' that we have done,
it will be amplified
as Jesus Christ--the King of kings--
will there be glorified!

Yes, we will see our Risen King
that, so long, Word has eyed!
He will be enthroned in glory,
esteemed and edified!
But He will not be 'untouchable,'
He will walk amongst His Own:
all the fortunate who've called
and, His salvation, known!

ANY DAY NOW!  The trumpet will blast, and Jesus Christ will split the skies!  He will receive His believers to Himself and take us to that Perfect Place He has prepared for us to spend eternity!
Oh, be ready, my friend!  It's closer than ever before!

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