Friday, June 3, 2022

The Worth of 'His Own'

Yes, there is quite a bit of worth to belonging to God Most High!  Some don't even think about it...some take it for granted...still others just don't care.  Ah, but to THIS man, it is a priceless way of life!

The glory of His Majesty,

adorned is sheer perfection!
He's visible to them that go
in daily introspection!
He's visible to all who make
the time, with Him, to spend;
He's visible to all who call
Him Lord, who call Him 'Friend!'

His glory and His majesty--
so beautiful and fair!
The wonder of this silence is
so absolutely rare!!
And so very different from
the 'daily everyday-'
the one and only wonder of 
The Truth, The Life, The Way!

"Oh Lord, I so enjoy Your Presence!
What a gift You are!
I want You constantly about,
and not ever afar!
Your glory and Your Majesty
are not like any other;
and I can call You 'Savior,' 'Friend,'
and even call You 'Brother!'

The glory of Your majesty-
so many ways abounding!
The holiness and glory in
Your peace is so resounding!
Your Presence, great and mighty God,
like not another known!
We are so very fortunate
that You call us 'Your Own!'"

Yes, so very blessed and highly favored be them that God calls 'His Own!'  Are YOU one of them?  Just give your heart to Jesus and you can become one!  Then to know His grace and favor but constantly!

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