Wednesday, June 22, 2022

That Glorious Promise

Day is done.  Once again, the gamut of life and emotion took place.  But I know a glorious place of peace where I can unwind from it all...

So late into the evening

and Heaven is on my mind!
That Perfect Place where only great
and awesome things to find!'
All that God created that's
too great to fathom yet;
an itinerary to spend
but EVERYONE will get!
For God and Jesus will be there,
Holy Spirit, too,
to spend those perfect times with us
where everything is new!
Only good and perfect there;
no sickness or disease--
but Christ must live inside your heart NOW
to so partake of these!

Oh, Heaven is on my heart again,
"Come quickly, Mighty Lord!
'We long, so long to be with You!'
We cry with one accord!
We love You and we worship You.
for You are all-in-all!
And we are blessed, so very blessed,
to heed You Holy Call!"

NEVER GIVE UP!  There is Perfect Life awaiting all that Call Jesus 'Savior!'  I don't know when, but this I DO know:  WE ARE ONE DAY CLOSER!  And won't it be glorious there?!

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