Monday, June 13, 2022

Somewhere in Oklahoma

Billions of people doing millions of things...all under the watchful eye of God Most High.  One would think that He has no time to listen to our 'little cares,' BUT HE IS GOD, and He is aware of ALL!

In a little corner of life
someone receives a call.
It contains news from a doctor-
hopes, once again, they fall!
If there's one thing they do not want
it be 'findings' anew;
as, with such tests and procedures,
they so want to be through!
BUT GOD, He's right there in that corner
while all the world goes on,
with sweet assurance that, His Presence,
NEVER will be gone!
And, regardless of the 'findings,'
He's already aware,
and He already has plans in store
for their future and their care!
For He has plans and answers that
no man has knowledge of
that will come to pass in time
because of His great love!
He has a hope man can't provide,
a future that is sure;
and He alone knows just how much
a person can endure;
and He will be there in that corner
with them all the way!
And, of His times and purposes,
no mortal man can say.
So cling they to Him all the while,
knowing He knows best;
and that is why, even in trials,
they prosper and are blessed!

Is that you?  Are these words speaking to your heart?  You are about to give up, but you KNOW that God is somehow going to provide a way!  KEEP TRUSTING!!  Don't give up!  For you are a blessing and an inspiration to more than you can fathom!

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