Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Sometimes, it takes children!

So very welcome in this life: uncontrollable laughter!  That kind of 'laughter' that comes when all is left behind and the focus is on the task at hand.  The task this time?  Family game night!!  "Sure, it's just to entertain the kids..."  Yea, right!!

The cards are dealt.  A spin upon 
a game that's been around.
A game that, by a 12yr old
grandchild has been found.
He spent his hard-earned money on
a 'thing' to draw us in;
laughter so hard from these folks--
so very long it's been!!
And lessons learned by all involved
in simple entertainment;
(oh, but the laughter it produced
could not know mere containment!)

How wonderful, a thing so simple
to draw us all together!
So welcome in the world that is,
so filled with different weather.
Six people sitting around a table
involved in playing cards;
joy and jubilation, 'round
that table, so bombards!

Too simple?  Spending time with kids
and precious family
distracting from all other life?
No other simile!
So simple...yet so complicated
unto too many men;
but found so simple and so welcome
amongst the closest kin!

Seek ye that simplicity that generates so much laughter and fun that it detracts from the 'daily  everyday!'

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