Monday, June 27, 2022


"R.E.S.P.E.C.T."  No, it's not just a popular song, it is a way of living that reaps benefits from THE Loving God!  Unfortunately, some find it unnecessary these days, while others feel that they are 'owed' it!  Those who make it a way of life are the ones that will benefit the most!

Respect--it must be taught and learned
but each and every day.
In so doing, you'll stand out
above what ANY say!
The same, it must be demonstrated
as you daily live;
regardless what you may receive,
far better can you GIVE!
And such may go against the grain
of the world we're in,
and that's because the tendency
of THIS world is to sin!
But we're a chosen generation,
set apart, above;
and the motive of OUR hearts
SHOULD be respect and love!
Such be so engrained by Him
in Whom we have new life;
any less will only generate
more grievous strife!

Respect--it is 'reciprocal,'
and so desired deep!
Give it every chance you get
and, life-long friends, you'll keep!
And a godly reputation
follows you ALWAYS,
even in the ups-and-downs
here in the latter days!

It is so true: 'you reap what you sow.'  Oh, my friend, but I have truly found that God gives so much  more than you can EVER 'give!'  His abundance follows them that attempt to do their best to live by His ways!  Even if that means giving 'respect' to them that others may see as 'undeserving.'

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