Sunday, June 5, 2022


Yes, instilled within all Christians is the desire for Him to return and receive His Own and take us to that Paradise He has prepared.  Will THIS be the day...

"Once again, our hearts to cry
for Your return, oh Lord!
Oh, split the skies, Lord, with a blast
and come for Your restored!
We long, so long to see Your face
in full--without the veil
like we shall when we are in
That Place that will not fail!!

Yea, come again, oh Risen Lord,
Almighty--all alone!
Come for the ones You have redeemed
that Your Live Blood have known!
We spend the day redeeming time
by spreading The Good News
in a world so inundated
with conflicting views!

BUT GOD, Your Message is so clear
with joy, hope, peace and love;
the ONLY ONE providing passage
to Paradise above!
Other ways give 'satisfaction'
temporary so,
but Yours will last eternally,
we've surely come to know!

Yea, our very hearts to cry
for Jesus Christ alone!
Your precious Blood--the ONLY fluid
truly to atone!
Not any other way of life
can stand against Your Word!
We live by such as best we can
and victory is occurred!"

Jesus Christ.  The ONLY Way to make it successfully in this world and the next!  Is He Lord of YOUR life?  I certainly hope so!  He can be!  All you have to do is ask Him.

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