Monday, June 6, 2022

Priceless View!

I walk out onto the deck of our hillside home.  From here, you can see for miles and miles!  And what I see today is the formation and approach of water from the sky...

The blessing of the sunlight

before the thunderstorm.
From here upon the rolling hills
I watch the billows form!
It 'appears' two hours away,
but we have surely learned
in just a matter of moments,
the weather, it is turned!
But in the moments that are 'now'
the land's illuminated,
showcasing the majesty
of all that God's created:
the plants...the plains...the mighty trees
and the rolling hills-
unto each emotion it
provides so many thrills!
Especially unto the sight-
so blessed are them that see
the glory and the wonder that
abounds in front of me! 

All gratitude and praise to God--
Creator of it all,
from the countless grains of dirt
to the rain that's soon to fall!

Yes, so blessed and fortunate be the ones who have such a view; an opportunity to watch Him create life before their very eyes!  "Thank You, Father God Creator!"

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