Sunday, June 12, 2022

Our Accompaniment

Jesus said when He walked amongst us that He would be leaving, but He would not leave us comfortless!  Therefore, we have The Spirit of God with us at all times!  Oh, am I grateful for that!

The Spirit of the Most High God-
He never disappoints!
He emboldens and empowers,
fills with joy and so anoints!
He accompanies us everywhere
and anywhere at all
so He can be available
at any time we call!

The Spirit of the Most High God-
so awesome and so real!
His presence is so powerful
that NOTHING may conceal!
He's far greater than 'political,'
a color or a race;
He is the Author of Salvation,
and perfect is His grace!

The Spirit of the Most High God-
His resting, it is never!
His relationship with us,
but not a thing may sever!!
His love for us, it is so great;
He never leaves our side!
There is so much that is unseen,
to Him identified!

The Spirit of the Most High God-
He guides my very pen
and causes words and verses flow
that minister to men!
He also causes blessings flow
that minister to all!
The Father, Son and Spirit-
I will ever heed their call!

Oh my friend, be not afraid of Holy Spirit!  For God sent Him to come alongside of us in every situation!  He is peace, joy, comfort and help in all the days that are, and He is available for YOU!


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