Thursday, June 9, 2022

Oops! One Day Late!

Yes, I probably should've written this yesterday and sent it out, but God had other plans.  Yesterday was my momma's birthday, and I'm sure they had a celebration in Heaven.  Below, please enjoy my tribute to her for THIS year...

Of all her trove of recipes,
the tastiest was love!
And countless are the many lives
the same that took part of!
I tasted them for many years,
twenty-one to be exact;
it was love's recipe, however,
that kept us coming back!
Going back for time away
for just a couple of days
when the struggles of this life
would seem to have their ways...
going back for time with her--
her wisdom and her wit,
if a challenge came and we 
could just not deal with it...
going back just for her love,
her laughter and her smile...
going back to give to her--
receiving all the while!

Then, knowing it would be the last,
we went back one time more.
Such recollections shared we then
of all the times before!
Mostly good times.  I am blessed
as God was very kind
to make my mom so loving, giving,
and very sharp in mind!

I wipe the tears as I type this, as we still miss her so!  Mom and Dad's was always an escape, a retreat for us amidst the bustle and whir that life can become!  Mother passed several years back, but she isn't gone.  She is very alive in all of the hearts that had the pleasure of knowing her.

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