Friday, June 24, 2022

Not Another!

You are one-of-a-kind!  You are are are quite handy to have around...and I am so very blessed to be married to you, Debby Busby!

There will not be another 'you,'
there will not be another 'me;'
therefore, the least that we can do
is be the best that we can be!
Not everybody in this life
has this 'agenda' in the heart;
but if WE do, no matter what,
a greater life could we impart!

For God, alone, puts two together,
compatible, that get along;
time invested brings dividends
like lyrics to a perfect song!
That song takes time to put together-
word-by-word then verse-by-verse;
once that's complete then it takes years,
that precious melody, to rehearse!

You are STILL the beautiful 'you,'
I am still, well...I'm still me!
And, with God inside our hearts,
just look how many years have we!!
"Thank You, God, for this accord
You ordered before time began!
It is so very rare in these times,
and I'm so very blessed a man!"

Over 40 years together.  WHAT'S WRONG WITH US?!  I am very pleased and happy with you, Mrs. spite of our spite of what this life throws at spite of ANY shortcomings you feel you have, I LOVE YOU and thank God daily for you!  I AM SO BLESSED!


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