Thursday, June 2, 2022

Necessary Destination

Priceless!  A break in between the shifts and time to escape and gather our thoughts once again.  I gather the loved ones and down a county road we go.  The blacktop ended a few miles back, and we finally arrive at an empty dock just calling our names...

A salt-and-pepper sky 
with currents drifting by...
the river is such peace
as I 'catch-and-release!'
Tending to the 'task at hand,'
I'm distracted by the land-
so verdant and so lush
alongside the current's 'rush!'
Though I came out here to fish
expecting this night's dish,
I'm so taken by the hills
and wildlife about the rills!

Out fishing on the White-
necessary, such delight!
Before the skies break open
I'm casting and I'm hopin'.
Two eagles glide on by
our bounty to espy.
Majestic so their flight!
It just adds to the delight!

Our God makes such retreats
to offset any defeats
that daily life may cause-
so glorious, such pause!
And relaxing so,
this respite that we know
in between the days
so filled with busy ways!

For some, this is a pleasure.  For some, it is an occupation.  For still others, it is a necessity!  The latter be the case this day, as so busy and hectic it has been for all of us!  God knows all.  Therefore, He created this perfect, beautiful escape for all to enjoy.  DON'T MISS IT!


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