Saturday, June 11, 2022

That Necessary Interaction

On an aisle in a a drive-thru a restaurant booth...EVEN AT A BAR!  There are people in these places that just ache for someone to talk to!  Trust me, I see it every day!

A necessary conversation
with someone somewhere,
assuring them that someone cares
and someone's always there.
It may be somewhat 'uncomfortable,'
and yet, it MUST take place
that 'assurance' be established,
and it must be done with grace!

Such needed conversations happen
anywhere at all.
Somebody somewhere is praying
someone heeds the call!
They may just need a heart to hear them
and what's going on...
Will YOU be that one to 'hear'
before their hope is gone?

So many opportunities 
to minister for God.
Not always is it 'clergy' God
would use, the soul, to prod!
It is the heart available
and pliable for Him,
and the need for such a heart
is filled up to the brim!

Do YOU have such a heart?  The need for you is closer than you think.  Unfortunately, 'sincerity' is becoming an endangered species in the days that are.  And folks know from a mile away whether or not you are 'genuine.'  Be real with one another, as there are too many 'real' people struggling these days!

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