Sunday, June 12, 2022

Made By Hand!

God's creation is endless!  There are things that He created and set in place that won't be discovered until years from now...if you can fathom that!  There are also 'things' right before our very eyes that, too often, we overlook...

So many, the varieties
of those upon the wing!
The spectrum so alive as they
bathe and dine and sing!
So glorious is life after
an early morning rain.
Those fortunate to so behold
know it is to our gain!

The speed of life diminishes
out here amongst the trees-
for God made all of these!
They bloom and they reach out, providing
shelter for such life!
The list of birds and squirrels alone
is oh so very rife!
And the sounds that they produce
on this early morning
bring joy to all who listen to it--
dissipating mourning!

The sunshine and the blue,
the shade of every hue...
From God, yet one more gift
our spirits for to lift!

Before you go out into the busyness of business, or even after work as you try to find a way to unwind, step out into His creation and Him to settle you!  It makes the day a whole lot better!

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