Monday, June 20, 2022


This writer has been on this planet for well over half a century.  Why is it that I learn of this celebration only now?  "America's Second Independence Day."  A beautiful celebration...about some beautiful people to whom I owe so much?

Why has it taken centuries
to set aside a day
and live up to the aspirations
that have been for aye?
Independence for the ones
who equally 'belong:'
The beautiful...the talented...
intelligent and strong!

'Juneteenth!' be finally recognized
and revered as it should!
Deeper study of this day
would do us ALL some good!
So beautiful, the people that
have been ignored too long;
the way that they've been treated, it
is absolutely wrong!
They work so hard, they entertain us,
they are just like we are!
and if YOUR heart feels otherwise,
then you have gone too far!
Acceptance, it should not be based
upon my race or skin!
We're ALL created in HIS image
in this world we're in!

Happy 'Juneteenth' to you all.
please use it to reflect
and, if need be, spend some time
in deepest introspect!
We're all in this together, and
if we can't get along,
we'll miss the notes and melody
that are The Greatest Song!

Juneteenth.  It's been going on for 150 years.  Why are we paying heed to it only now?  Some of us owe so much to so many.  I just hope the words of this humble poet minister to the hearts of those I owe so much to!


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