Friday, June 17, 2022

Intense Living!

If we are to be successful, it must be intentional!  And THAT, my friend, sometimes involves intensity!

Life, in its intensity--
it happens to us all!
It takes such great stability
to not, completely, fall!
The busyness of business,
relationships and play...
if we let them, they can take
but all the time of day!
Therefore, must we be diligent
with PURPOSE, for to live!
Doing so, will we find time
to enjoy and to give!
And said 'intensity, it will
not cause us to cave in;
rather, it will help us each
to give back to all men!

Yes, life, it is intense, and it
will just intensify.
Diligent must we be thus
to not let it go by!
'Proper' must be our perspective
based upon His Word;
therefore, His perfect victory,
each day, will be occurred!

Have YOU got the right combination in your life to know that victory each day?  He avails it to any and all who ask!  Don't let ANYTHING in this life hinder you from LIVING!


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