Sunday, June 19, 2022


We all have 'fathers' in this life.  They are not perfect, but the One we will have in the next life will be!  That said, may we pay tribute to the 'fathers' or the 'father figures' we have in THIS life...

Happy Father's Day to all-
we are so very blessed!
To my son, my dad and Father God,
you are the very best!

My son, we're humbled and so proud
of all that you've become:
and THAT is not the sum!
My listener and confidante,
advisor in some things...
I hear folks talk about you and,
such pride, to us, it brings!

And daddy--rest your loving soul,
you taught me how to give
to total strangers anywhere
and help them for to live!
The ups-and-downs of marriage...
the value of working hard...
doing things...making things...
your efforts always starred!
And I learned to be a husband
by watching you and mother.
The 21 years spent in your home
were not like any other!

And Father God, the Lover of me,
You give and You protect.
For You create much greater things
that so command respect!
But, greater, You love with a love
none other can provide;
and You are the 'father' unto them
that have been so denied!
You give what 'fathers' cannot give--
You fully understand;
and when I need my dad, You're there
to lend the perfect hand.
You help with the 'impossible,'
the 'practical,' also.
A 'father' Father like Yourself
THIS world can NEVER know!

The 'fathers' in our lives so vary--
most of us are blessed.
Others must depend on God
to have the very best.

Yes, THIS man is so very fortunate on this Father's Day!  I have a trove of wonderful memories of my daddy, and the constancy of perfect Fatherhood from God Himself!  Life is wonderful!

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