Saturday, June 25, 2022

Before the "Busy!"

This is several hours late, so 'pretend' as you read it...

Saturday morning in the Ozarks.  The coffee is ready, and the back porch is perfect for Jesus and I!

The sunlight makes the feeders of
the hummingbirds light up!
They dart and dash here in the dawn
before the temp goes up!
The others have to wait until
my truck unloads today;
the squirrels are in protest while
the birds just sing away!

The Lord and I commune here while
they zip from tree to tree
sampling that red mixture
availed so very free!
So entertaining are they with
each action and each antic;
diving at the cats around,
making them so 'frantic!'

Early morning Saturday--
the sun upon the rise;
I look about, adoring billows
He spreads through the skies.
And I pray about the plans He has
for us throughout the day,
and speak with Him of the gifts
already come my way!

After coffee and devotion,
into town I'll go
taking care of them that come
and get the food to grow.
I'll serve them with a smile, with hopes
of bettering their day
with service and a smile as
they go upon their way!

What a wonderful way to start the day: sipping coffee and watching Him create life by hand!  Take time to do the same...FOR YOURSELF!  We ALL need this precious time in the days that are!

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