Saturday, June 18, 2022

Be Ready, My Friend!!

"The End Times."  Many argue when they will start.  Truth be told, they started when Jesus ascended!  And we are one day closer to His return!  Are YOU ready?

The wheels are set in motion..
the proper ties align...
the players come to power,
(the ones of HIS design!)
We watch and pray as ordered
by Him so long ago...
in the meantime, there is JOY,
there is conflict, there is woe!

But when He comes, the suffering,
(for His Own,) it shall cease-
but hearts that have rejected Him,
the trials shall increase.
He'll take His Own unto a Place
that's known as "Paradise,"
and shield us there from the travails 
of what shall not be "nice!"
We'll be guarded from the tribulation
and its endless woes,
as, a celebration for His "saved,"
the Great Creator throws!

O be amongst that number, friend,
that goes up in the first
by asking Jesus as your Savior,
knowing second-birth!
For that can be done anytime
before the Trumpet Sound!
In Him, true peace for ALL of life
can certainly be found!

Yes, even as you read this, there are happenings beyond our comprehension bringing these events about!  ARE YOU READY?  You can be, but YOU must make that decision!


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