Friday, June 10, 2022

Afternoon Lookout

Ahhh...a cool, peaceful afternoon.  So refreshing for June!  Daily duties are done, and I have time to spend with God, looking out over His glorious creation...

Who could count the variety of trees
that sway so gently in the minor breeze?
So very many are the shades of green
that fill the acres of the writer's scene!
Invisible, the orchestra resounding;
amongst the finest music now is sounding!
Here and there the instruments appear-
every color on the wing so clear!

Creator God has made this special place
out of the abundance of His grace
for this man to unwind from the day:
my personal sanctuary from the fray
that, all too often, causes wear and tear-
for He knew that I would need a place so rare!
And He joins me as I savor this escape,
and marvels at me as I am agape!

But such escape, it is availed to all.
A necessary place to which He'll call
and give to us all that the day took away-
He is The Truth, The Life, He is The Way!
And ONLY He can give what we deeply require,
(and even that which we deeply so desire!)
He does so for me as I scan His vast creation
that He has placed in this specific location!

God knows all.  He knows what the day has been like for us.  (He saw it before we did!)  Therefore, He knows exactly what to provide for us to unwind and relax from it all.  He is so good to us!


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