Wednesday, June 29, 2022

A Break in the Rush

Even before I walk out on the deck, I can hear them!  The birds are celebrating the life that God has provided them, and it is such a welcome sound compared to the 'sounds' of labor today!

The song of birds to once again
join life on this fine day
as I behold His handiwork
abundant on display!
There's something wrong!  The scorching heat
is missing from the scene!
Life is cool and comfortable,
peaceful and serene!
That winged song is so clearly seen
and definitely heard;
melody unnecessary,
and perfect more than 'word!'
And deer, they frolic all about
in the sun of afternoon,
God is here, without a doubt,
to join us and commune.
He leaves His fingerprints upon
so very much of living-
seeing that His faithful ones
continue freely giving.
For He so freely gives of life
upon this glory day:
in beauty, wildlife and scenes
abundant, on display!

Life--so busy and so bustling,
but gentle for a spell.
Enjoy it all--for just how long
it lasts, no one can tell!
But it is needed and so loved
at this part of the day!
O look for these oasises
but everywhere each day!

They are available, you know?  AND NECESSARY!  God has provided them.  It is up to us, however, to take advantage of them and enjoy!  Slow down, brother.  You can make time for THIS!

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