Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Sometimes, it takes children!

So very welcome in this life: uncontrollable laughter!  That kind of 'laughter' that comes when all is left behind and the focus is on the task at hand.  The task this time?  Family game night!!  "Sure, it's just to entertain the kids..."  Yea, right!!

The cards are dealt.  A spin upon 
a game that's been around.
A game that, by a 12yr old
grandchild has been found.
He spent his hard-earned money on
a 'thing' to draw us in;
laughter so hard from these folks--
so very long it's been!!
And lessons learned by all involved
in simple entertainment;
(oh, but the laughter it produced
could not know mere containment!)

How wonderful, a thing so simple
to draw us all together!
So welcome in the world that is,
so filled with different weather.
Six people sitting around a table
involved in playing cards;
joy and jubilation, 'round
that table, so bombards!

Too simple?  Spending time with kids
and precious family
distracting from all other life?
No other simile!
So simple...yet so complicated
unto too many men;
but found so simple and so welcome
amongst the closest kin!

Seek ye that simplicity that generates so much laughter and fun that it detracts from the 'daily  everyday!'

A Break in the Rush

Even before I walk out on the deck, I can hear them!  The birds are celebrating the life that God has provided them, and it is such a welcome sound compared to the 'sounds' of labor today!

The song of birds to once again
join life on this fine day
as I behold His handiwork
abundant on display!
There's something wrong!  The scorching heat
is missing from the scene!
Life is cool and comfortable,
peaceful and serene!
That winged song is so clearly seen
and definitely heard;
melody unnecessary,
and perfect more than 'word!'
And deer, they frolic all about
in the sun of afternoon,
God is here, without a doubt,
to join us and commune.
He leaves His fingerprints upon
so very much of living-
seeing that His faithful ones
continue freely giving.
For He so freely gives of life
upon this glory day:
in beauty, wildlife and scenes
abundant, on display!

Life--so busy and so bustling,
but gentle for a spell.
Enjoy it all--for just how long
it lasts, no one can tell!
But it is needed and so loved
at this part of the day!
O look for these oasises
but everywhere each day!

They are available, you know?  AND NECESSARY!  God has provided them.  It is up to us, however, to take advantage of them and enjoy!  Slow down, brother.  You can make time for THIS!

Monday, June 27, 2022


"R.E.S.P.E.C.T."  No, it's not just a popular song, it is a way of living that reaps benefits from THE Loving God!  Unfortunately, some find it unnecessary these days, while others feel that they are 'owed' it!  Those who make it a way of life are the ones that will benefit the most!

Respect--it must be taught and learned
but each and every day.
In so doing, you'll stand out
above what ANY say!
The same, it must be demonstrated
as you daily live;
regardless what you may receive,
far better can you GIVE!
And such may go against the grain
of the world we're in,
and that's because the tendency
of THIS world is to sin!
But we're a chosen generation,
set apart, above;
and the motive of OUR hearts
SHOULD be respect and love!
Such be so engrained by Him
in Whom we have new life;
any less will only generate
more grievous strife!

Respect--it is 'reciprocal,'
and so desired deep!
Give it every chance you get
and, life-long friends, you'll keep!
And a godly reputation
follows you ALWAYS,
even in the ups-and-downs
here in the latter days!

It is so true: 'you reap what you sow.'  Oh, my friend, but I have truly found that God gives so much  more than you can EVER 'give!'  His abundance follows them that attempt to do their best to live by His ways!  Even if that means giving 'respect' to them that others may see as 'undeserving.'

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Before the "Busy!"

This is several hours late, so 'pretend' as you read it...

Saturday morning in the Ozarks.  The coffee is ready, and the back porch is perfect for Jesus and I!

The sunlight makes the feeders of
the hummingbirds light up!
They dart and dash here in the dawn
before the temp goes up!
The others have to wait until
my truck unloads today;
the squirrels are in protest while
the birds just sing away!

The Lord and I commune here while
they zip from tree to tree
sampling that red mixture
availed so very free!
So entertaining are they with
each action and each antic;
diving at the cats around,
making them so 'frantic!'

Early morning Saturday--
the sun upon the rise;
I look about, adoring billows
He spreads through the skies.
And I pray about the plans He has
for us throughout the day,
and speak with Him of the gifts
already come my way!

After coffee and devotion,
into town I'll go
taking care of them that come
and get the food to grow.
I'll serve them with a smile, with hopes
of bettering their day
with service and a smile as
they go upon their way!

What a wonderful way to start the day: sipping coffee and watching Him create life by hand!  Take time to do the same...FOR YOURSELF!  We ALL need this precious time in the days that are!

Friday, June 24, 2022

Not Another!

You are one-of-a-kind!  You are are are quite handy to have around...and I am so very blessed to be married to you, Debby Busby!

There will not be another 'you,'
there will not be another 'me;'
therefore, the least that we can do
is be the best that we can be!
Not everybody in this life
has this 'agenda' in the heart;
but if WE do, no matter what,
a greater life could we impart!

For God, alone, puts two together,
compatible, that get along;
time invested brings dividends
like lyrics to a perfect song!
That song takes time to put together-
word-by-word then verse-by-verse;
once that's complete then it takes years,
that precious melody, to rehearse!

You are STILL the beautiful 'you,'
I am still, well...I'm still me!
And, with God inside our hearts,
just look how many years have we!!
"Thank You, God, for this accord
You ordered before time began!
It is so very rare in these times,
and I'm so very blessed a man!"

Over 40 years together.  WHAT'S WRONG WITH US?!  I am very pleased and happy with you, Mrs. spite of our spite of what this life throws at spite of ANY shortcomings you feel you have, I LOVE YOU and thank God daily for you!  I AM SO BLESSED!


Wednesday, June 22, 2022

That Glorious Promise

Day is done.  Once again, the gamut of life and emotion took place.  But I know a glorious place of peace where I can unwind from it all...

So late into the evening

and Heaven is on my mind!
That Perfect Place where only great
and awesome things to find!'
All that God created that's
too great to fathom yet;
an itinerary to spend
but EVERYONE will get!
For God and Jesus will be there,
Holy Spirit, too,
to spend those perfect times with us
where everything is new!
Only good and perfect there;
no sickness or disease--
but Christ must live inside your heart NOW
to so partake of these!

Oh, Heaven is on my heart again,
"Come quickly, Mighty Lord!
'We long, so long to be with You!'
We cry with one accord!
We love You and we worship You.
for You are all-in-all!
And we are blessed, so very blessed,
to heed You Holy Call!"

NEVER GIVE UP!  There is Perfect Life awaiting all that Call Jesus 'Savior!'  I don't know when, but this I DO know:  WE ARE ONE DAY CLOSER!  And won't it be glorious there?!

Monday, June 20, 2022


This writer has been on this planet for well over half a century.  Why is it that I learn of this celebration only now?  "America's Second Independence Day."  A beautiful celebration...about some beautiful people to whom I owe so much?

Why has it taken centuries
to set aside a day
and live up to the aspirations
that have been for aye?
Independence for the ones
who equally 'belong:'
The beautiful...the talented...
intelligent and strong!

'Juneteenth!' be finally recognized
and revered as it should!
Deeper study of this day
would do us ALL some good!
So beautiful, the people that
have been ignored too long;
the way that they've been treated, it
is absolutely wrong!
They work so hard, they entertain us,
they are just like we are!
and if YOUR heart feels otherwise,
then you have gone too far!
Acceptance, it should not be based
upon my race or skin!
We're ALL created in HIS image
in this world we're in!

Happy 'Juneteenth' to you all.
please use it to reflect
and, if need be, spend some time
in deepest introspect!
We're all in this together, and
if we can't get along,
we'll miss the notes and melody
that are The Greatest Song!

Juneteenth.  It's been going on for 150 years.  Why are we paying heed to it only now?  Some of us owe so much to so many.  I just hope the words of this humble poet minister to the hearts of those I owe so much to!


Sunday, June 19, 2022


We all have 'fathers' in this life.  They are not perfect, but the One we will have in the next life will be!  That said, may we pay tribute to the 'fathers' or the 'father figures' we have in THIS life...

Happy Father's Day to all-
we are so very blessed!
To my son, my dad and Father God,
you are the very best!

My son, we're humbled and so proud
of all that you've become:
and THAT is not the sum!
My listener and confidante,
advisor in some things...
I hear folks talk about you and,
such pride, to us, it brings!

And daddy--rest your loving soul,
you taught me how to give
to total strangers anywhere
and help them for to live!
The ups-and-downs of marriage...
the value of working hard...
doing things...making things...
your efforts always starred!
And I learned to be a husband
by watching you and mother.
The 21 years spent in your home
were not like any other!

And Father God, the Lover of me,
You give and You protect.
For You create much greater things
that so command respect!
But, greater, You love with a love
none other can provide;
and You are the 'father' unto them
that have been so denied!
You give what 'fathers' cannot give--
You fully understand;
and when I need my dad, You're there
to lend the perfect hand.
You help with the 'impossible,'
the 'practical,' also.
A 'father' Father like Yourself
THIS world can NEVER know!

The 'fathers' in our lives so vary--
most of us are blessed.
Others must depend on God
to have the very best.

Yes, THIS man is so very fortunate on this Father's Day!  I have a trove of wonderful memories of my daddy, and the constancy of perfect Fatherhood from God Himself!  Life is wonderful!

Saturday, June 18, 2022

When There's Nothing Else...

...that's USUALLY when folks turn to God!  But such is not really necessary, as God is already there and always has been!  So why then is it that some only ask for His help when they have tried everything else?!

"Oh God, my God, I turn to You-
the going is getting rough!
I know that I am supposed to be
the anchor, rough and tough!

But I would rather share ALL things with You-
the good, the bad, the rest...
knowing that, whatever happens, 
by YOU I will be blessed!

I hear so many say they only
call You when things go wrong,
as if You are too busy to
be with us all along!
But I KNOW that You would love to be
included in our all!
Therefore, my Lord, into ALL life,
Your Presence would I call!
For You were there before I was
and You know what will be;
and so, my Lord, in ALL of life,
please stay right here by me!

In tragedy or triumph,
You change, Lord, not at all!
And, to get You by my side,
I don't even have to call!
You are so present everywhere
at any time at all!
So very blessed is this man that
he answered to Your Call!"

And don't wait for 'disaster' or 'tragedy' to talk to Him!  Jesus wants to be in constant conversation with you--EVEN YOU!  That's how much He loves us!  Include His Presence in all that you do.  He DESIRES you!

Be Ready, My Friend!!

"The End Times."  Many argue when they will start.  Truth be told, they started when Jesus ascended!  And we are one day closer to His return!  Are YOU ready?

The wheels are set in motion..
the proper ties align...
the players come to power,
(the ones of HIS design!)
We watch and pray as ordered
by Him so long ago...
in the meantime, there is JOY,
there is conflict, there is woe!

But when He comes, the suffering,
(for His Own,) it shall cease-
but hearts that have rejected Him,
the trials shall increase.
He'll take His Own unto a Place
that's known as "Paradise,"
and shield us there from the travails 
of what shall not be "nice!"
We'll be guarded from the tribulation
and its endless woes,
as, a celebration for His "saved,"
the Great Creator throws!

O be amongst that number, friend,
that goes up in the first
by asking Jesus as your Savior,
knowing second-birth!
For that can be done anytime
before the Trumpet Sound!
In Him, true peace for ALL of life
can certainly be found!

Yes, even as you read this, there are happenings beyond our comprehension bringing these events about!  ARE YOU READY?  You can be, but YOU must make that decision!


Friday, June 17, 2022

Intense Living!

If we are to be successful, it must be intentional!  And THAT, my friend, sometimes involves intensity!

Life, in its intensity--
it happens to us all!
It takes such great stability
to not, completely, fall!
The busyness of business,
relationships and play...
if we let them, they can take
but all the time of day!
Therefore, must we be diligent
with PURPOSE, for to live!
Doing so, will we find time
to enjoy and to give!
And said 'intensity, it will
not cause us to cave in;
rather, it will help us each
to give back to all men!

Yes, life, it is intense, and it
will just intensify.
Diligent must we be thus
to not let it go by!
'Proper' must be our perspective
based upon His Word;
therefore, His perfect victory,
each day, will be occurred!

Have YOU got the right combination in your life to know that victory each day?  He avails it to any and all who ask!  Don't let ANYTHING in this life hinder you from LIVING!


Monday, June 13, 2022

Somewhere in Oklahoma

Billions of people doing millions of things...all under the watchful eye of God Most High.  One would think that He has no time to listen to our 'little cares,' BUT HE IS GOD, and He is aware of ALL!

In a little corner of life
someone receives a call.
It contains news from a doctor-
hopes, once again, they fall!
If there's one thing they do not want
it be 'findings' anew;
as, with such tests and procedures,
they so want to be through!
BUT GOD, He's right there in that corner
while all the world goes on,
with sweet assurance that, His Presence,
NEVER will be gone!
And, regardless of the 'findings,'
He's already aware,
and He already has plans in store
for their future and their care!
For He has plans and answers that
no man has knowledge of
that will come to pass in time
because of His great love!
He has a hope man can't provide,
a future that is sure;
and He alone knows just how much
a person can endure;
and He will be there in that corner
with them all the way!
And, of His times and purposes,
no mortal man can say.
So cling they to Him all the while,
knowing He knows best;
and that is why, even in trials,
they prosper and are blessed!

Is that you?  Are these words speaking to your heart?  You are about to give up, but you KNOW that God is somehow going to provide a way!  KEEP TRUSTING!!  Don't give up!  For you are a blessing and an inspiration to more than you can fathom!

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Made By Hand!

God's creation is endless!  There are things that He created and set in place that won't be discovered until years from now...if you can fathom that!  There are also 'things' right before our very eyes that, too often, we overlook...

So many, the varieties
of those upon the wing!
The spectrum so alive as they
bathe and dine and sing!
So glorious is life after
an early morning rain.
Those fortunate to so behold
know it is to our gain!

The speed of life diminishes
out here amongst the trees-
for God made all of these!
They bloom and they reach out, providing
shelter for such life!
The list of birds and squirrels alone
is oh so very rife!
And the sounds that they produce
on this early morning
bring joy to all who listen to it--
dissipating mourning!

The sunshine and the blue,
the shade of every hue...
From God, yet one more gift
our spirits for to lift!

Before you go out into the busyness of business, or even after work as you try to find a way to unwind, step out into His creation and Him to settle you!  It makes the day a whole lot better!

Our Accompaniment

Jesus said when He walked amongst us that He would be leaving, but He would not leave us comfortless!  Therefore, we have The Spirit of God with us at all times!  Oh, am I grateful for that!

The Spirit of the Most High God-
He never disappoints!
He emboldens and empowers,
fills with joy and so anoints!
He accompanies us everywhere
and anywhere at all
so He can be available
at any time we call!

The Spirit of the Most High God-
so awesome and so real!
His presence is so powerful
that NOTHING may conceal!
He's far greater than 'political,'
a color or a race;
He is the Author of Salvation,
and perfect is His grace!

The Spirit of the Most High God-
His resting, it is never!
His relationship with us,
but not a thing may sever!!
His love for us, it is so great;
He never leaves our side!
There is so much that is unseen,
to Him identified!

The Spirit of the Most High God-
He guides my very pen
and causes words and verses flow
that minister to men!
He also causes blessings flow
that minister to all!
The Father, Son and Spirit-
I will ever heed their call!

Oh my friend, be not afraid of Holy Spirit!  For God sent Him to come alongside of us in every situation!  He is peace, joy, comfort and help in all the days that are, and He is available for YOU!


Saturday, June 11, 2022

That Necessary Interaction

On an aisle in a a drive-thru a restaurant booth...EVEN AT A BAR!  There are people in these places that just ache for someone to talk to!  Trust me, I see it every day!

A necessary conversation
with someone somewhere,
assuring them that someone cares
and someone's always there.
It may be somewhat 'uncomfortable,'
and yet, it MUST take place
that 'assurance' be established,
and it must be done with grace!

Such needed conversations happen
anywhere at all.
Somebody somewhere is praying
someone heeds the call!
They may just need a heart to hear them
and what's going on...
Will YOU be that one to 'hear'
before their hope is gone?

So many opportunities 
to minister for God.
Not always is it 'clergy' God
would use, the soul, to prod!
It is the heart available
and pliable for Him,
and the need for such a heart
is filled up to the brim!

Do YOU have such a heart?  The need for you is closer than you think.  Unfortunately, 'sincerity' is becoming an endangered species in the days that are.  And folks know from a mile away whether or not you are 'genuine.'  Be real with one another, as there are too many 'real' people struggling these days!

Friday, June 10, 2022

Afternoon Lookout

Ahhh...a cool, peaceful afternoon.  So refreshing for June!  Daily duties are done, and I have time to spend with God, looking out over His glorious creation...

Who could count the variety of trees
that sway so gently in the minor breeze?
So very many are the shades of green
that fill the acres of the writer's scene!
Invisible, the orchestra resounding;
amongst the finest music now is sounding!
Here and there the instruments appear-
every color on the wing so clear!

Creator God has made this special place
out of the abundance of His grace
for this man to unwind from the day:
my personal sanctuary from the fray
that, all too often, causes wear and tear-
for He knew that I would need a place so rare!
And He joins me as I savor this escape,
and marvels at me as I am agape!

But such escape, it is availed to all.
A necessary place to which He'll call
and give to us all that the day took away-
He is The Truth, The Life, He is The Way!
And ONLY He can give what we deeply require,
(and even that which we deeply so desire!)
He does so for me as I scan His vast creation
that He has placed in this specific location!

God knows all.  He knows what the day has been like for us.  (He saw it before we did!)  Therefore, He knows exactly what to provide for us to unwind and relax from it all.  He is so good to us!


Thursday, June 9, 2022

Oops! One Day Late!

Yes, I probably should've written this yesterday and sent it out, but God had other plans.  Yesterday was my momma's birthday, and I'm sure they had a celebration in Heaven.  Below, please enjoy my tribute to her for THIS year...

Of all her trove of recipes,
the tastiest was love!
And countless are the many lives
the same that took part of!
I tasted them for many years,
twenty-one to be exact;
it was love's recipe, however,
that kept us coming back!
Going back for time away
for just a couple of days
when the struggles of this life
would seem to have their ways...
going back for time with her--
her wisdom and her wit,
if a challenge came and we 
could just not deal with it...
going back just for her love,
her laughter and her smile...
going back to give to her--
receiving all the while!

Then, knowing it would be the last,
we went back one time more.
Such recollections shared we then
of all the times before!
Mostly good times.  I am blessed
as God was very kind
to make my mom so loving, giving,
and very sharp in mind!

I wipe the tears as I type this, as we still miss her so!  Mom and Dad's was always an escape, a retreat for us amidst the bustle and whir that life can become!  Mother passed several years back, but she isn't gone.  She is very alive in all of the hearts that had the pleasure of knowing her.

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

We Will See Him Soon!!

Sun is beautiful!  Another day is passed.  This day was as diverse as each one of us...all while being the same as the one before.  However, there is a day approaching that will be like no other, and life beyond that day will be 'out-of-this-world!'

O we will see our risen King,

yes, soon and very soon,
in a place where time is not-
no morning, night or noon!
Christ will be enthroned on high there,
not to abdicate!
And we will age no longer there!
My friends, won't it be great?!

Disputes and confrontations, they
will all be in the past!
Even long-forgotten, as
perfection be amassed!
All the 'good' that we have done,
it will be amplified
as Jesus Christ--the King of kings--
will there be glorified!

Yes, we will see our Risen King
that, so long, Word has eyed!
He will be enthroned in glory,
esteemed and edified!
But He will not be 'untouchable,'
He will walk amongst His Own:
all the fortunate who've called
and, His salvation, known!

ANY DAY NOW!  The trumpet will blast, and Jesus Christ will split the skies!  He will receive His believers to Himself and take us to that Perfect Place He has prepared for us to spend eternity!
Oh, be ready, my friend!  It's closer than ever before!

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Too Proud?

I see a lot of folks struggling these days.  You notice such when you do what I do.  Those struggling, however, will not tell you so.  They will press on, doing the best that they matter how painful it gets!

How painful it is to see the one you love

struggle with the slightest task!
Being who they are, it's hard
for them to even ask!
Help is available--but their pride
will not let them give way;
so successful for so many years...
then it comes to this today!

How can you help an independent 
person with such need?
You offer your abilities,
but they refuse to heed.
Can it be that all can see this
save those to whom it applies?
To understand, we have to see it
through the others' eyes!
Some see 'help' as a sign of weakness-
they can't see the decline.
Even ones in leadership--trained
to spot each slight detail,
yet, when it comes to seeing themselves,
so many often fail.

It is NOT a sign of weakness to say
"I need some help somewhere!"
Oftentimes, it is the greatest
step in getting care!
And care--it is available
for everyone at all!
Just heed the signals of your best friends
and help them with the call!

Each and all of us are going through something.  All of us are different and, then, all of us are the same: WE NEED ONE ANOTHER!  That's why God put us together!  If there is anything I can do for you, just matter how big or small.  I'm here for you.

Monday, June 6, 2022

Priceless View!

I walk out onto the deck of our hillside home.  From here, you can see for miles and miles!  And what I see today is the formation and approach of water from the sky...

The blessing of the sunlight

before the thunderstorm.
From here upon the rolling hills
I watch the billows form!
It 'appears' two hours away,
but we have surely learned
in just a matter of moments,
the weather, it is turned!
But in the moments that are 'now'
the land's illuminated,
showcasing the majesty
of all that God's created:
the plants...the plains...the mighty trees
and the rolling hills-
unto each emotion it
provides so many thrills!
Especially unto the sight-
so blessed are them that see
the glory and the wonder that
abounds in front of me! 

All gratitude and praise to God--
Creator of it all,
from the countless grains of dirt
to the rain that's soon to fall!

Yes, so blessed and fortunate be the ones who have such a view; an opportunity to watch Him create life before their very eyes!  "Thank You, Father God Creator!"

Sunday, June 5, 2022


Yes, instilled within all Christians is the desire for Him to return and receive His Own and take us to that Paradise He has prepared.  Will THIS be the day...

"Once again, our hearts to cry
for Your return, oh Lord!
Oh, split the skies, Lord, with a blast
and come for Your restored!
We long, so long to see Your face
in full--without the veil
like we shall when we are in
That Place that will not fail!!

Yea, come again, oh Risen Lord,
Almighty--all alone!
Come for the ones You have redeemed
that Your Live Blood have known!
We spend the day redeeming time
by spreading The Good News
in a world so inundated
with conflicting views!

BUT GOD, Your Message is so clear
with joy, hope, peace and love;
the ONLY ONE providing passage
to Paradise above!
Other ways give 'satisfaction'
temporary so,
but Yours will last eternally,
we've surely come to know!

Yea, our very hearts to cry
for Jesus Christ alone!
Your precious Blood--the ONLY fluid
truly to atone!
Not any other way of life
can stand against Your Word!
We live by such as best we can
and victory is occurred!"

Jesus Christ.  The ONLY Way to make it successfully in this world and the next!  Is He Lord of YOUR life?  I certainly hope so!  He can be!  All you have to do is ask Him.

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Wrong Number?

My phone said it was, BUT GOD said otherwise!  I was doing some things in the backyard this afternoon.  When I got back up on the deck, my phone said I had a missed call from Louisiana.  The # and town were unknown to me, so I called it back...

A voice upon a telephone,
an unfamiliar voice.
I could have just deleted it,
but I made another choice.
She said 'someone gave her my number
because they know I pray...'
and so began an outreach I'll
remember past today!

Holy Spirit has ways and means
far greater than our own.
What this woman needs already
unto Him is known!
But He knew she had to talk with someone
that would also pray...
Will YOU be that available
at any time of day?
Not always is HIS movement based
upon the hours we know.
And sometimes, it's a total stranger
that needs to share their woe!
The Called, they must be flexible
to be of any good.
Had I not called that number back,
I'd miss the blessing good!

'Ministry' has so many ways
to manifest itself.
If we're not open to that, we might as well
be put on a shelf!
But "Shirley" now has someone praying,
and she KNOWS she's not alone,
because somebody faithful called
a number that's 'unknown!'

Be there for others...whether you know them or not!  For there are too many folks out there who 'feel' they have no one.  Today, one of them found out otherwise.

Friday, June 3, 2022

The Worth of 'His Own'

Yes, there is quite a bit of worth to belonging to God Most High!  Some don't even think about it...some take it for granted...still others just don't care.  Ah, but to THIS man, it is a priceless way of life!

The glory of His Majesty,

adorned is sheer perfection!
He's visible to them that go
in daily introspection!
He's visible to all who make
the time, with Him, to spend;
He's visible to all who call
Him Lord, who call Him 'Friend!'

His glory and His majesty--
so beautiful and fair!
The wonder of this silence is
so absolutely rare!!
And so very different from
the 'daily everyday-'
the one and only wonder of 
The Truth, The Life, The Way!

"Oh Lord, I so enjoy Your Presence!
What a gift You are!
I want You constantly about,
and not ever afar!
Your glory and Your Majesty
are not like any other;
and I can call You 'Savior,' 'Friend,'
and even call You 'Brother!'

The glory of Your majesty-
so many ways abounding!
The holiness and glory in
Your peace is so resounding!
Your Presence, great and mighty God,
like not another known!
We are so very fortunate
that You call us 'Your Own!'"

Yes, so very blessed and highly favored be them that God calls 'His Own!'  Are YOU one of them?  Just give your heart to Jesus and you can become one!  Then to know His grace and favor but constantly!

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Necessary Destination

Priceless!  A break in between the shifts and time to escape and gather our thoughts once again.  I gather the loved ones and down a county road we go.  The blacktop ended a few miles back, and we finally arrive at an empty dock just calling our names...

A salt-and-pepper sky 
with currents drifting by...
the river is such peace
as I 'catch-and-release!'
Tending to the 'task at hand,'
I'm distracted by the land-
so verdant and so lush
alongside the current's 'rush!'
Though I came out here to fish
expecting this night's dish,
I'm so taken by the hills
and wildlife about the rills!

Out fishing on the White-
necessary, such delight!
Before the skies break open
I'm casting and I'm hopin'.
Two eagles glide on by
our bounty to espy.
Majestic so their flight!
It just adds to the delight!

Our God makes such retreats
to offset any defeats
that daily life may cause-
so glorious, such pause!
And relaxing so,
this respite that we know
in between the days
so filled with busy ways!

For some, this is a pleasure.  For some, it is an occupation.  For still others, it is a necessity!  The latter be the case this day, as so busy and hectic it has been for all of us!  God knows all.  Therefore, He created this perfect, beautiful escape for all to enjoy.  DON'T MISS IT!