Sunday, May 15, 2022

We're Here to Love!

So many people.  So many plans.  So many 'agendas.'  AND SO BUSY ARE THE DAYS!  However, regardless how busy it gets, I am in a position to SEE the hand of God at work so often!

So wonderful when people come together
serving one another as we should!
Seeing to the cares of one another,
all to work toward the 'common good!'
But look about: that goal seems so 'uncommon'
in the times and seasons that we are?
But if we set 'ourselves' aside so briefly,
said goal is really not so very far!

This man is blessed to see it oh but daily
given the position I possess!
Total strangers reach out to each other
with no strings attached: to minister and bless!
Even folks who are so long acquainted
will give me funds to do the very same!
When such be done, they have but one desire:
"Buzz, be sure and NOT give them my name!"

Yes, so wonderful when people bless each other!
And, more often, lately, blessings come MY way!
"Use this twenty for the car behind me,
and pocket the change for a rainy day!"
And not always are the blessings 'monetary.'
Some folks come by so we know how to pray!
The same, it be reciprocal in MY line,
as some may see that I need help today!
Joining hands after the transaction
once more energizes this old man!
Therein lies beauty when we come together
and minister according to HIS plan!

It is certainly my prayer that YOU have opportunity to see with your own eyes the way that God 'goes against the grain' and accomplishes wonders...often unawares to us!


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