Monday, May 9, 2022

Watch Your Time!

Pay attention!  There are countless opportunities throughout the day to minister to others.  Sometimes, we even entertain angels unawares!  Do WE have the time for such?

My Father came to visit me
at work this afternoon.
I didn't recognize Him and
my shift was ending soon,
He asked for something simple, yet
I had to stay on track,
so I had someone else take care of Him
and, now, I'm looking back.
For what I had, it could have waited
'til our visit ended,
instead, I lost a blessing to
another He befriended!
I kick myself for getting oh
so caught up in the day
that I did not tend unto The Lord
as He passed by my way!
For We discuss it NOW, after
my duties, they are done.
He blames me not, but this I know:
I am the only one
who SHOULD have taken care of Him
when He came by today,
and, regardless of my ignorance,
His Presence yet would stay!

So many blessings to be had
but all throughout the day.
So much wisdom is availed
in places on the Way!
Will we stay and savor, or
get through fast as we can?
Such answers, they will so reveal
the integrity of man!

Been there, done that?  It's painful when you realize it, but God is merciful!  Tomorrow is another day, and many more opportunities to receive from Him.  Will YOU pay attention to those 'nudges?'


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