Thursday, May 26, 2022

Uvalde, TX

Ahh...another beautiful day at work.  Many people served.  Many people satisfied.  Then I go home and turn the TV on...

So much potential stolen,
ripped from precious life!
All because of one man's anger,
one man's inner strife!
The list of crimes goes on and on...
as also may the trial,
but, more valuable and missing is
their laughter and each smile!

For each life had a purpose, each
was filled with talent rife!
Now multiplied to be the ones
that feel each other's strife!
"The News" has details, but there are
real names and faces, too;
real people with real talents with
real futures that were true!

With each report, are we becoming 
'numb' to such as this?
Those precious people, one and all,
we'll very greatly miss!
Martina was an artist with
an energetic smile...
Ernesto was caring soul
who tried to bring a smile...
Carranza always brought more lunch,
with other kids, to share...
hearts live only now in memory
of how much they care!
And a very gifted teacher,
with talents oh so rare-
those which cannot be replaced,
GONE!  It's so unfair!

Innocent and vibrant-
the shooter didn't care!
In fact, of all these victims, he was 
completely unaware!
He only cared about the deed
that he carried in his heart!
A school...a town...a country now
must wrestle with his part!

Do we blame the weapon he used?  No.  Do we point the finger at how he was brought up?  No.  We place the blame squarely where it belongs: Satan and his wickedness.  We will hear now for longer than we want about the "who...why...and how," but let us first focus for a while on the wonder and the beauty of these precious lives taken from us.

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