Thursday, May 19, 2022

Thursday Afternoon

All that had to be done has been accomplished successfully.  Now, time for myself.  Time with my Father and Creator--GOD MOST HIGH!

Before the rumble starts again
above the rolling hills,
I step out on the balcony
and take in all the thrills!
The sight of all creation, oh,
what wonder it instills:
from those great mountain peaks away
down to those rippling rills!
And, here, do I accomplish my
devotions for the day.
He listens closely to my heart,
I hear what He would say.
And, together, we behold the
formulation of the storm;
yea, elements to have their way,
though it's remaining warm!

The many colors--oh so vibrant,
May would share with us
before the other elements
would argue and would fuss!
Sunlight would illuminate
but each and every leaf,
and every fragrant petal whose
bouquet would be so chief!

A Thursday afternoon
with weather to be soon,
savoring my Jesus
before the able breezes!

Ahh...this time is so necessary, so needed.  In a world that refuses to slow down, effort must be put into pausing and enjoying the simplicity that exists!  And MOST of that 'simplicity' is provided by God Most High!  ENJOY IT!!


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