Monday, May 23, 2022

This Needy People!

Yes, we are!  YOU may go about your day pretending that you need only yourself to survive, but I promise You, if it were not for God we would be in a massive mess!

"Lord, You know the needs that I have now
and will forevermore!
You answer out of the abundance
that You have in store!
You answer not because 'I'm worthy,'
or that my need is due,
You answer out of Your great love--
the character of You!
You even know the wants and the
desires of my heart.
Out of Your abundance, Lord,
those gifts do You impart!
You are so very generous-
such often goes unsaid!
But know ye this, Lord, I am grateful
for the fish and bread!

You know the needs that I have now
and those of EVERYONE!
We sing a song of gratitude
to You, God's very Son!
For You look not upon the 'worthiness'
if ever we have need,
You hear our hearts or see our lives
and answer to the need!

Yes, You are so very good to us,
no matter who we are!
Without Your in our lives, oh Lord,
we can't get very far!!!
So thank You, Lord, for knowing all:
the what and when and where;
and thank You that, whatever the need,
we KNOW You will be there!!"

GOD IS SO GOOD TO US!  God is so generous to us!  God is so faithful to ALL who call upon His Name.  I can see where He was before I knew Him, and I can surely see Him now!  There is no other God like our God!


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