Wednesday, May 25, 2022

THIS is 'Advanced?'

The day and time we live in.  The more 'advanced' we become, it seems like the more vile and evil others become.  WHAT'S WRONG WITH US?!

Life continues happening,

life so filled with pain!
Sometimes, it is so hard to see
how such could be our gain!
God's Word says it will strengthen us,
but harden hearts, as well?!
Each time we open up the news,
one more disaster tell!
Sometimes, the safest haven be
to not walk out the door!
Such cannot be!  Lest what would God
make all this beauty for?!
There is so very much to do,
so very much to see;
but with such evil lurking, tell me,
are we REALLY free?

There is a place and time when such
will worry us no more.
It is that Place and time that we
set foot upon that Shore!
It is avowed unto His Own
and settled in His Word,
regardless what is going on
or that which has occurred!

Open up the paper...turn on the evening news...another shooting has taken place.  God help us!  The vile refer to it as 'their freedom!'  GOD CALLS IT SIN!  Oh, when will we learn to get along with one another?!

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