Monday, May 9, 2022

The Score for the Day

Musical score, that is!  It is all part of a symphony so great that God alone could compose it!  If you tune the ear, it will get you through the day like nothing else so alive!

Peace I find amongst the pines

with day to formulate!
The forms of living--all of them,
my Father did create!
Oh so busy and so talkative
as they go along,
and all of them so harmonize
into a Glory Song!
A song that I can take with me
to all this day's occurred!
I do not have to have the tune
or even every word!
Just the sound of that which they
so constantly would sing
will carry me through all the day
and, victory, so bring!
Yes, victory that I can take
to every situation...
victory I can apply
to every relation...
victory like that provided
nowhere else around--
all coming from those little birds
with such a mighty sound!
And coming from their Great Creator:
God--I know Him well!
He orchestrates all of the day
no matter who can tell!
And HE deserves the credit for
that constant, living song
that emanates from every being
as day goes along!

Yes, the score for the day!  Nobody, nothing else can orchestrate it!  It belongs to God alone,  but it is availed to all.  Are YOU in tune with it?  It is not difficult to find!

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