Friday, May 20, 2022

The Needs Unseen

Each and every one of us battle one thing or another.  Some of those challenges are quite visible, while others are unseen save to the trained eye.  (Or even only to the one battling it!)  Still others are unknown until the phone rings...and a voice on the other end says "Can you please come and get me?!"

Is everything "OK" just because
YOU say it's alright?
I suffer even yet from those 'things'
in which you take delight!
That which you deemed 'enjoyable'
was torture to my soul!
You went on with Your life for years,
but how can I be whole?

You went on with your company
as though it happened not...
even blatant confrontation
no remorse has brought!
Now, after decades, they inform me
you are old and dying.
What am I supposed to feel
after all these years of trying?

I cannot grieve at all--the only 
feeling is 'relief'
in knowing you'll hurt no one else,
or cause them pain or grief!
I forgive FOR MYSELF alone
so that I can move on.
I will continue to succeed,
especially with you gone.

Abuse of ANY kind
is everywhere to find;
recovery is sure,
but only the best 'endure!'

So, what is it that YOU'VE gone through?  I am not asking seeking an answer.  I am merely asking so that you can examine yourself, forgive and move on to greater things.  And, trust me, there are wonderful things out there to be enjoyed...but only if you ALLOW yourself to enjoy again!

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