Tuesday, May 3, 2022

That Glorious Decision!!

'Just another Sunday morning.'  We gather.  We sing.  We pray.  We hear The Word of God...  Ah, but NEVER is it 'just another Sunday,' and today is no exception!  For Holy Spirit is on the move...

Standing in the glory of

a springtime Sunday morn.
Before the gathered, one comes forward--
He's made the decision for
to publicly declare;
little does he know, before 
his birth, Christ was aware!
This one was chosen at a time
one cannot comprehend!
He's realized that, without Jesus,
this life is just an 'end!'
He thinks he's coming forward just
repenting from his sins,
oh, but he will soon find out
that brand-new life begins!!

"New life, new blessings, oh my Lord,
everything anew!
All of life itself to change,
and all because of YOU!
The Gift of God--about to be
opened and enjoyed!
Life abundant from The Lord,
where once had been just 'void!'"

Standing at the altar--
life's most glorious change!
Jesus Christ, the only One,
the heart, to rearrange!

Oh, sweet salvation!  That life-altering decision that causes all of Heaven to celebrate!  It is certainly the prayer of THIS writer that you have made that personal choice to follow Jesus as well!  You'll NEVER regret it!

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