Monday, May 30, 2022

'Taps' Across America

A tribute long overdue!  At 3pm today, 5/30/22, wherever you are, take a moment, stick your head out the window and listen.  Someone had a brilliant idea to pay to tribute the ones who gave their all in service to this great nation.  Will YOU join them?

just listen where you are.
Reflect upon the sacrifices
of those near and far!
We MUST remember what they've DONE
to fathom what we've GOT!
Had those gone on refused to serve,
what, then, would be our lot?

23 notes of honor
to cause us to recall
that prayer, so very famous,
each word, one and all!
A laud to each it's meant for-
we honor as we pause,
preserve and protect our freedoms--
their living's greatest cause!!

So tune the ear unto them,
the faithful to recite;
and tune the heart to all of them
gone on in every fight!
Then turn the heart to God Most High
in gratitude for such
who 'gave their all' in service, for
we are thankful, yea, and much!!

Remember.  3 p.m. today, all across this great nation, ONE NATION UNDER GOD!  Be thankful that we live here and for all that we enjoy...all due to these brave people who served.


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