Thursday, May 12, 2022

Season Stealth!

The past few months have had the gamut of weather situations!  I thought that we were going to be able to have a few weeks to open up the house and let the Ozark air flow through.  Not so!

Summer now arrives--so unexpected!

Last week's 'lows' are swallowed by the heat!
Normally, there is a gap between them
in which we have a time to 'meet-&-greet!'
Not this year!  It's already upper 90's
with humidity that seeks to suffocate!
I will not complain of it, however,
it's but a part of life here in this state!
However, this heat is a part of living
that we must be cautious of always!
There are things that each of us must do regardless,
just in this heat we must find other ways!
God Most High--He knows our each intention,
and He will find a way to get it done;
all we must do is obey and pay attention,
and He will see that victory is won!

Yes, summer may be here a few weeks early,
but you will not hear anyone complain.
We will give gratitude to God the Father
Whose actions do not require Him explain!
We will exalt and praise His Name whenever--
for God, He is in season all the time!
Behold the visions of His grand creation
regardless how the mercury may climb!

Yes, summer 'snuck up' on us for sure this year!  Spring seemed to be short-lived, but it certainly produced some glorious sights to behold!  GOD IS SO GOOD!

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