Saturday, May 28, 2022


I know that title doesn't tell you very much, but those of us who knew him hear his name and immediately draw wonderful memories...

A gentleman of so few words,
(but words so very wise!)
He would rather DO the task at hand
than merely vocalize!
Always with a greeting kind
on a Sunday morn;
and, as I try to capture words,
I am so very torn!

His humility--it would refuse
any 'eulogy...'
he would deflect such to his children
or wife, so loved by we!
But he was a well of wisdom on
so very, very much;
so fortunate are all of us
who knew his loving touch!
And mention 'soccer--' he would light up
about his daughter's skill...
mention 'football--his opinion
would he sure instill!
But mention God--his faithfulness
would surely top the list!
So very thankful is this man
that brother Roy does exist!
He exists--forever etched
into our mind and hearts!
Gifts such as our brother Roy
but only God imparts!

Roy moved to Oklahoma a few years ago.  He took care of his wife to the very end and saw her to glory.  Perchance I picked up our local paper yesterday for the first time in awhile.  I got to the obituaries and there was his name.  I froze!  He passed peacefully into the Presence of God one day last week.  Those who knew him are all the richer that he and his wife had a part in shaping our lives!
Love the ones you know while you can!  You never know when you'll randomly pick up a paper and see a familiar name on the third page.

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