Saturday, May 14, 2022


The age-old question: Why are we here?  The best answers to that to me are to spread the Gospel, and kindly help one another.  Your answers may differ, but this man has found Him using me in many different situations throughout the day...EVERY day!

What can I do for your fight now?

Oh, how can I assist?
The privilege to bless you I
would hate to have missed!
For I know what You are going through,
as I've been where you are;
it is but temporary and
The Answer is not far!
For God, Himself knows where you are
and all that must be done.
Yet, in HIS time, Your victory--
it is already won!
We cannot see it as HE does,
as time constrains us here;
but He can see eternity
and, to Him, YOU ARE DEAR!
He sees...He knows...and He sends folks,
unto your every aid;
you've got His full attention, friend,
therefore, you've got it made!
It is HIS victory that can
prevail--whatever cause;
and, because You trust in Him,
that victory trumps all flaws!

Whatever be the situation you may find yourself in, God is big enough to rescue you from get you through it...and even triumph over it--ALL GLORY TO HIM!  He is so good to us!

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