Monday, May 16, 2022

One-of-a-kind kind of Day

How wonderful it is that God would bless us with each day...different than the one before!  (Or have you not noticed?)  Do make time to enjoy His creation as you about doing that which must be done!

Sun is setting on a day
so beautiful and bright!
'Tis the season when such happens
when should be the 'night!'
The cool of evening joins and makes 
so comfortable the time,
and God Creator comes to me
and gives me lines that rhyme!
He highlights all the subtleties
of day before it's gone,
and causes peace to settle in--
a peace that won't be gone!

Looking out across the gorge
colors yet remain!
As we converse about the day
such sights become my gain!
I file them in that place from which
I can draw anytime--
like those days that are contrary and
life just won't seem to rhyme!

His glorious creation in
the springtime of the year!
Every moment differs and
is soon to disappear.
So savor every moment that
you can before they're gone;
the season may be fleeting, oh,
but life--it will go on!

Yes, life goes on.  However, there will NEVER be another 'right now,' so take in as much as you can while you can.  He made it all just for us!


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