Saturday, May 7, 2022

One of the Greatest Titles!

"HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!"  It is if you have or had a mother like my own.  She was a 'mother' full-time.  Later, she became a secretary...then a banker...then California's first female "Loan Officer!"  Later, she became president of her own mortgage company...all while loving her kids!  WHAT A WOMAN!

'Mother...' oh the beautiful sound
of that single word!
It brings to heart such memories
of the events occurred!
And the further this man gets
from those last 'goodbyes,'
I smile as I wipe the tears
flowing from my eyes!
Her memory, though, lives on as I
would serve in public trust,
as it's from her that this man learned
to treat my guests so just!
Regardless of their income or
their standing in this place,
each one deserved my very best
in labor, ruth and grace!

"Mother, oh but I miss you
but more and more each day!
As I reflect upon your life--
your wisdom and your way.
Having coffee with you before
daddy even woke--
upon so very many subjects,
freely so, we spoke.
And from those talks and watching as
you took care of your guests
so drives this man, but every day,
to give my very best!

I miss you more than language could say, mother.
But I was BLESSED with you and not another!
May others witness you as I so live,
causing them to, so much better, give!"

It is certainly the prayer of this man that YOU have such priceless memories of your mother!  God put me into the life of one of the best, and I miss her so.  

With all my love,


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