Friday, May 27, 2022


Ah...another day off.  I know EXACTLY how I want to spend it.  Go with me, won't you?  I promise you it will be quite relaxing...

The car is parked along the road,

the only access near.
Tough it be far away, I can
see it so very clear.
I'm in the center of the lake
upon this glorious day;
the only sound to be the whisper
come from southern-way,
and the sound of all the fish
that jump about and splash!
I wish one, with the lure I'm using
finally would clash!
I know of the variety
beneath my boat that laugh,
as I have been here for about
an hour-and-a-half!

But it is I that have the last laugh:
I can look around
at all the awe and splendor to
abundantly abound!
It is so very glorious!
Just open up your eyes!
For everywhere the eyes are cast
would be a new surprise!

This is a place so wonderful,
(and necessary, too!)
Often, one must get away
to clarify the view.
I did so on this glory day
and great is my reward:
no drama, stresses or distractions,
just time with my sweet Lord!

Time on the lake was wonderful!  And, YES, I did catch a few...only to kiss them and throw them back!  For I really did not go out to catch fish, I accomplished what I went out to do: unwind from the days that are!  And time with Jesus is ALWAYS a bonus!

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