Tuesday, May 24, 2022


Once again, a lady named Debby has gone above and beyond, following God's lead, and improved the life of someone else.  I am compelled to pen this accolade to her...

"You mean so very much to me,
(and many others, too!)
Who could compensate you for
the many things You do?
I've seen you all throughout our lives
put your all on the line
to see that others are protected
and make sure they're fine!
I've seen folks dial your phone in stealth
to help them get secure.
Though I cannot fulfil your dreams,
you love me and endure!
As you make a loved one safe
you face the brunt of others;
even parents and their friends,
their sisters and their brothers!

You deserve a medal, dear,
for all that you've been through!
Be it reward that folks yet live
because of acts of YOU!
You seem to sense before all else
that something isn't right;
you do what must be done and help
the underdog to fight!

You mean so very much to me
and many others, too!
There are no words this man can find
for how much I love you!
For God Himself, He knows our hearts
and He is our reward!
For I can only fete you here
until we see our Lord!"

God knows why these words were penned.  He saw what she did with His very eyes.  In fact, He is the One Who spoke to her heart to accomplish it!  And this man is VERY fortunate to be married to her!


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