Tuesday, May 17, 2022

"Just treat me right!"

Once again, the days that are.  Over and over, we hear of companies and even people cutting corners in some area...just to make a profit.  It just ain't right and, in a LOT of cases, it's outright unnecessary!  "Oh, come back, Integrity!"

Will morality fly out the window

just to make a sale?!
How much integrity will you spend
to have your values fail?
Does anything at all matter
when someone's holding cash?
"Just tell them what they want to hear
and put away the stash!!"

You 'cross the t's' and 'dot the i's'
and sign each place you should,
then find out a few weeks later
it is not any good!!
The seller has a reputation
that is well-esteemed,
but we found out that he cut corners
that we'd never dreamed!

BUT GOD, He knows the heart of us
and shows to us a way
to make corrections needed so
that 'good' shall come our way.
And them that caused the problem, it
shall come back on them all;
and the blessing they were to reap,
for it shall cease to fall!

Yes, God takes care of them that are
well-meaning and upright!
In Him shall we continue to
enjoy and to delight!
He makes the 'good' continue on
for those He calls His 'own!'
MAKE SURE your very heart and soul,
unto Him, are well-known!

Yes, God takes care of His own.  Regardless what man attempts, God already sees it and has the remedy for it!  Where would we be without Him?!

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