Friday, May 6, 2022

Just take a breath!

Slow down.  Whatever it takes, slow down.  Whatever you are doing, try to enjoy the time that is...

A windy day...a choppy lake...
a sky without a cloud...
so much to go on in this life,
it be a welcome shroud!
Getting away from that at hand
to that without a price;
for some, it be too great a task,
not worth the sacrifice!
Eventually, they'll realize
how little is the cost!
By then, however, this precious
opportunity be lost!

The tasks at hand, for they will, somehow,
find ways to get done.
And times like NOW, they are secured
by GOD--no other One!
And if you take the time to savor,
He'll care for the rest,
and see that you get all things done
and reap the very best!

Never ignore that nudging of Holy Spirit to step back for a moment, take a breath, and take in all of His glorious creation!  He provides these moments every day...but how many of us ignore them and just keep going?


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