Thursday, May 5, 2022

'I give you my word...'

'I promise...'
'My signature is my bond...'

Those terms use to carry weight!  However. in the days that are, we throw them around so lightly: to end a conversation when time is get out of something we are supposed to do...even to end an unpleasant encounter...we will say just about anything so that we can move on!

"We paid you well for that which we
wanted and needed done.
Now, after the work has been completed,
you are on the run!
We had to have two other companies
repair all your mistakes!
You happily received our cash,
but NOW we learn you're fakes?!
The LEAST that you could do is call
and see if your work stood!
A REAL MAN would keep in touch
to make sure all is 'good!'
But no!  We cannot even reach you
by mail or telephone!
If this keeps up, God promises
you'll find yourself 'alone!'
You will not even pay the fines
the judge has placed on you.
How can you even sleep at night
knowing the work you do?!"

Shame on you for advertising
that you are 'The Best!'
We'll see when we stand before the Father
how well your 'works' attest!"

In the Bible, Jesus tells us that we shouldn't even have to 'promise' anything!  Just by us 'saying' that we will _____________ should be 'guarantee' enough!  Why is it that, these days, we must jump through so many hoops to obtain something that is rightfully ours?  Even by filing a lawsuit?!  

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