Sunday, May 22, 2022

How Far?

Sometimes, the glorious sight of God's creation stops me in my tracks!  When it does, I often try to capture it in words...

'How far the vast horizon?'

I wonder as I prepare
a sermon of encouragement
for somebody to share.
I listen for God's voice to start
from here upon the deck
looking out across the land
and skies without a speck!
There is a skyline in the distance--
distant, though, it be;
scarce be it possible
for this man's eyes to see!
Merely outlines of the places
industry takes place;
but blessed be I for this locale
abounding with His grace!

Sunday afternoon,
near a week from June,
basking in the sun...
see what God has done!

How far the vast horizon?
It really matters not.
What does is all the glory that
I've 'roundabout me got;
and this precious moment in His Presence
hearing His each word
to pass on to His people about
life that is occurred!

A friend of mine in another country sent me an email wanting me to help him complete tonight's sermon.  After he told me what it was on, I went out on the deck, sat down, prayed and then looked out across creation.  I received from God what he wanted, but I had to write down the glory of my surroundings as I did.  Hope you enjoyed seeing it with me.

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