Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Giving Truths

If there be one word to describe the times that we are in these days it would be 'unstable!'  However, there yet remain some STABILITY that will change not...and it all is founded in His Word!

"Oh Father, omnipotent and everywhere,
we bask and we thrive in Your glorious care!
For this life has agendas, but You are above;
and naught shall intimidate Your perfect love!
We put our foot forward, You cause us success...
we follow Your lead, You abundantly bless!
We give and we give and You bless all the more
out of the abundance that You have in store!

And that great abundance, it hasn't an end!
Therefore pass it on we to foe and to friend.
The more we bless others, the more You bless us-
upon this great truth, oh Lord, no one may fuss!"
Yea, such ancient truths, so alive in this day!
The same be eternal, His promises say!
God--so omnipotent; generous, too!
Oh see for yourself what His bounty can do!!

Yea, the principle truths of God and His Holy Word.  Timeless!  In a world whose compass goes awry, the truths of His Word continue to live, to guide and to bless!  HALLELUJAH!


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