Thursday, May 5, 2022

Fickle Sky!

As we go about the day, we note the change in atmosphere.  Living in the Ozarks, one can experience a myriad of seasons...all in one day!

The heavens rumble as we are
accomplishing each task.
At any time, the greenery,
in raindrops, will so bask!
Already is the neighbor's roof
adorned with many leaves;
and, with the showers due, we will
have waterfalls from eaves!

This day, however--I'll enjoy it
all from my recliner.
My wife, my writing and my Lord--
nothing could be finer!
Already all that HAD to be
we went and took care of;
and now, we savor time with Jesus--
the only King of Love!

"Oh Lord, I pray the storms that are
will NOT, destructive, be!
But beneficial unto every
plant and every tree!
The birds--they are enjoying it--
help us to do the same
as we enjoy this priceless rest
and glorify Your Name!"

Another wet afternoon.  I know that there are others suffering from that which I so enjoy.  "Please be with them and protect them, oh God!  For ' rains on the just and the unjust...'  Let not that rain be destructive please."


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