Monday, May 2, 2022


Late afternoon.  We got done all that we could before it started.  Now, the storm forces inside!  However, there is still so much that one can do if we are but pliable in His hands!  How long has it been since I contacted that friend?  I'm sure that there is SOMEONE out there that could use a word of encouragement!

There is a time and Place ahead
where time will not exist;
It is a place of wonder that,
by no one, should be missed!
For Jesus waits to greet us there
and reward us for this life;
we'll meet His Father in that Place
that is immune from strife!
And we will live forever in
a land of sheer perfection!
For everything amiss right now,
there, it will know correction!
No more sadness, no more sorrow,
no illness and no pain
are just a sample of the wonders
that we shall obtain.
But most of all--His very Presence,
it will be present there!
And He's already made provision
for our forever care!
We only need to make His only Son
the Savior of our soul,
and we shall freely, evermore,
enjoy His joys in whole!

Have you done that yet, my friend?  All you must do is repent and ask Jesus to live in your heart!  It's the deal of a lifetime if you ask me!  Join me in that Perfect Place forever, won't you?

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